January: points winner sturner  380     Year to January : points winner sturner  380     Quantum Leap: Jan 2019  Winner: Mrfunnybunny Runner Up: sturner   Galaxy: Jan 2019  Winner: skrat Runner Up: sturner Dec 2018  Consolation Winner: sturner Runner Up: Burnieboy   Matterhorn: Oct 2018  Winner: sturner   157   Runner Up: Mrfunnybunny   136   Third: BRA__Valderi   134   Fourth: andypalumbo1   126     Saturday Night Gammon: Jan 2019  Playoffs Winner: jdg_ Runner Up: jjjjone Dec 2018  Third: jjjjone   Beat The PROs: Jan 2019  Playoffs Winner: PRO_sturner Runner Up: leibo52   Drizzle's LOC: Dec 2018  Playoffs Winner: Burnieboy Runner Up: Cazlander   Warp 10: Oct 2018  Playoffs Winner: pencentric_exec Runner Up: sturner Third: skrat   Esprit Teams: Apr 2017  Stage II Winner: Risky Business Runner Up: The Executioners Third: Fantastic Five Consolation Winner: Eastern Stars Runner Up: PROs4Neal 2   Excalibur: Jan 2018  Winner: jdg_ Runner Up: KdoubleK Nov 2015  1-Loss Winner: Burnieboy   Strike Three: Nov 2018  Winner: LarryG   70   Runner Up: Higgy_1216   59     Last Man Standing: Apr 2018  Winner: The Jokers Runner Up: Eastern Stars


All matches are 11pts. Please do NOT start until you receive notification and matches are shown in your Pending Matches table.

All matches to be completed by 22nd May.

Match winners will be highlighted with a light green background. Home assignments are shown in purple.

XG output To submit a match to be linked to XG output, email Cindy and attach the dicelog.
In the subject line put the player names as player1_player2_Esprit

  ABL Boxing Kangaroos

ABL Dingos
_1_lil_redhd Burnieboy
BBB01 _M_A_V_21
BBB01 cindybel
Silver_fox_aus1 Blotter
Silver_fox_aus1 ozdiver
ueyustick _M_A_V_21
Eastern Stars
EU_AT_Wolfman Burnieboy
EU_BG_akademika ozdiver
EU_BG_Sandocan Blotter
mb2k1 _M_A_V_21
Fantastic Five
Atog Burnieboy
Atog cindybel
jjjjone ozdiver
Mrfunnybunny Blotter
sturner _M_A_V_21
BRA__Valderi Burnieboy
DBS_Newtons cindybel
EU_IT_Eugenio ozdiver
Kanaya Blotter
PROs4Neal 1
pro_cubehead ozdiver
PRO_Rallyline cindybel
PRO_Raposa Burnieboy
PRO_vocateur Burnieboy
PRO_vocateur ozdiver
PROs4Neal 2
PRO_Flace _M_A_V_21
PRO_Flace Blotter
PRO_GoldenPoint cindybel
PRO_LEW ozdiver
PRO_Luis Burnieboy
PRO_WizGirl cindybel
PROs4Neal 3
PRO_Blueyewoman cindybel
PRO_Clumpy ozdiver
PRO_swil Burnieboy
PRO_VBL Burnieboy
PROs4Neal 4
PRO_Bdlerybrwn cindybel
PRO_casey23 Blotter
PRO_Headhunter Burnieboy
PRO_Viking _M_A_V_21
Risky Business
Glowmo _M_A_V_21
hockeyfan Burnieboy
hockeyfan ozdiver
SixPack Burnieboy
SixPack cindybel
The Executioners
amamlet ozdiver
ez2bcubed _M_A_V_21
Noctogammon cindybel
peever _M_A_V_21
Pipshark Blotter
Pipshark ozdiver
The High Flyers
andypalumbo1 Blotter
BRs_Ricardinho _M_A_V_21
crashholly66 cindybel
Genda ozdiver FW
Sedalia_ _M_A_V_21
The Jokers
fortdonaldson _M_A_V_21
fortdonaldson cindybel
HumanFactor Burnieboy
jdg_ ozdiver
LarryG Blotter

27 Wins /32 Losses - 0 Unplayed

_M_A_V_214/8 - 0Blotter4/6 - 0Burnieboy9/4 - 0cindybel(C)2/10 - 0ozdiver8/4 - 0

  ABL Dingos

ABL Boxing Kangaroos
_M_A_V_21 BBB01
_M_A_V_21 ueyustick
Blotter Silver_fox_aus1
Burnieboy _1_lil_redhd
cindybel BBB01
ozdiver Silver_fox_aus1
Eastern Stars
EU_AT_Wolfman thejman
EU_BG_Sandocan ueyustick
EU_BGc_Gammoner _1_lil_redhd
mb2k1 thejman
Tuckin14 BBB01
Fantastic Five
_funnybunnygrl_ ueyustick
Atog _1_lil_redhd
Mrfunnybunny BBB01
Mrfunnybunny Silver_fox_aus1
sturner Silver_fox_aus1
BRA__Valderi thejman
EU_IT_abdon50 _1_lil_redhd
EU_IT_Eugenio ueyustick
eu_it_fabry74 thejman
Kanaya BBB01
PROs4Neal 1
pro_cubehead _1_lil_redhd
pro_cubehead _1_lil_redhd
PRO_GoBigRed thejman
PRO_Raposa Silver_fox_aus1
PROs4Neal 2
PRO_Flace thejman
PRO_Luis BBB01
PRO_Pencentric Silver_fox_aus1
PRO_Pencentric ueyustick
PRO_RUMBLE ueyustick
PRO_wolf BBB01
PROs4Neal 3
PRO_Blueyewoman _1_lil_redhd
PRO_Jaguar thejman
PRO_swil _1_lil_redhd
PRO_swil thejman
PROs4Neal 4
PRO_Bdlerybrwn _1_lil_redhd FW
PRO_Bus thejman
PRO_casey23 thejman
PRO_Sultan ueyustick
Risky Business
hockeyfan BBB01
MacWin ueyustick
SixPack _1_lil_redhd
Toody BBB01 FW
Toody Silver_fox_aus1
The Executioners
amamlet Silver_fox_aus1
nightmare73 BBB01 DF
peever Silver_fox_aus1
Pipshark BBB01
SteamSax ueyustick
SteamSax ueyustick
The High Flyers
andypalumbo1 thejman
BRs_Ricardinho thejman
Genda _1_lil_redhd
Genda _1_lil_redhd
Skeeves_Revenge Silver_fox_aus1
The Jokers
fortdonaldson Silver_fox_aus1
HumanFactor Silver_fox_aus1
LarryG BBB01
Mathemagics ueyustick
profpianist ueyustick

28 Wins /29 Losses - 0 Unplayed

_1_lil_redhd4/7 - 0BBB014/6 - 0Silver_fox_aus14/8 - 0thejman7/5 - 0ueyustick(C)9/3 - 0
tractor0/0 - 0cindybel(A)0/0 - 0

  Eastern Stars

ABL Boxing Kangaroos
_M_A_V_21 mb2k1
Blotter EU_BG_Sandocan
Burnieboy EU_AT_Wolfman
ozdiver EU_BG_akademika
ABL Dingos
_1_lil_redhd EU_BGc_Gammoner
BBB01 Tuckin14
thejman EU_AT_Wolfman
thejman mb2k1
ueyustick EU_BG_Sandocan
Fantastic Five
Atog EU_AT_Wolfman
jjjjone EU_BG_Sandocan
jjjjone Tuckin14
Mrfunnybunny Tuckin14
sturner EU_AT_Wolfman
sturner EU_BG_Sandocan
BRA__Valderi mb2k1
EU_IT_abdon50 EU_BG_akademika
eu_it_fabry74 EU_BG_akademika
EU_IT_lunapk EU_BG_Sandocan
PROs4Neal 1
PRO_littlebeave EU_BG_Sandocan
PRO_littlebeave EU_BGc_Gammoner
PRO_Rallyline mb2k1
PRO_Rallyline Tuckin14
PRO_vocateur mb2k1
PROs4Neal 2
PRO_Flace Tuckin14
PRO_Luis EU_AT_Wolfman
PRO_WizGirl EU_BG_akademika
PRO_WizGirl EU_BGc_Gammoner
PRO_wolf EU_BGc_Gammoner
PROs4Neal 3
PRO_Clumpy EU_BG_Sandocan
PRO_Dragon EU_BGc_Gammoner
PRO_Taylor_Ann EU_BG_akademika
PRO_VBL mb2k1
PROs4Neal 4
PRO_4Life EU_AT_Wolfman
PRO_4Life mb2k1
PRO_Bdlerybrwn Tuckin14
PRO_fasTTits EU_BG_akademika
PRO_Viking EU_BG_akademika
Risky Business
DimDragon Tuckin14
hockeyfan EU_BG_Sandocan
IanchoHr EU_AT_Wolfman
MacWin mb2k1
SixPack EU_BG_akademika
TheBgQueen EU_BG_Sandocan
The Executioners
nightmare73 EU_BG_Sandocan
nightmare73 Tuckin14
Noctogammon EU_AT_Wolfman
peever EU_BGc_Gammoner
Pipshark EU_AT_Wolfman
The High Flyers
Cazlander EU_BGc_Gammoner
crashholly66 EU_BGc_Gammoner
Sedalia_ EU_BG_akademika
Sedalia_ mb2k1
The Jokers
fortdonaldson EU_BG_akademika
LarryG Tuckin14
NeilKaz EU_AT_Wolfman
profpianist EU_BGc_Gammoner
profpianist Tuckin14
skrat EU_BG_Sandocan

36 Wins /24 Losses - 0 Unplayed

EU_AT_Wolfman1/9 - 0EU_BG_akademika7/3 - 0EU_BG_Sandocan(C)6/5 - 0EU_BGc_Gammoner(CC)8/2 - 0mb2k18/1 - 0
Tuckin146/4 - 0HaRD4u0/0 - 0

  Fantastic Five

ABL Boxing Kangaroos
_M_A_V_21 sturner
Blotter Mrfunnybunny
Burnieboy Atog
cindybel Atog
ozdiver jjjjone
ABL Dingos
_1_lil_redhd Atog
BBB01 Mrfunnybunny
Silver_fox_aus1 Mrfunnybunny
Silver_fox_aus1 sturner
ueyustick _funnybunnygrl_
Eastern Stars
EU_AT_Wolfman Atog
EU_AT_Wolfman sturner
EU_BG_Sandocan jjjjone
EU_BG_Sandocan sturner
Tuckin14 jjjjone
Tuckin14 Mrfunnybunny
BRA__Valderi _funnybunnygrl_
BRA__Valderi sturner
EU_IT_abdon50 jjjjone
eu_it_fabry74 _funnybunnygrl_
lollolollo Atog
lollolollo sturner
PROs4Neal 1
Pro_BeeGee sturner
pro_cubehead jjjjone
PRO_Raposa Mrfunnybunny
PRO_Ronald jjjjone
PRO_Ronald jjjjone
PROs4Neal 2
PRO_GoldenPoint Atog
PRO_GoldenPoint sturner
PRO_LEW Mrfunnybunny
PRO_Pencentric Mrfunnybunny
PRO_wolf Atog
PROs4Neal 3
PRO_Clumpy sturner
PRO_RISING _funnybunnygrl_
PRO_RISING jjjjone
PRO_swil _funnybunnygrl_
PRO_VBL jjjjone
PROs4Neal 4
PRO_Bdlerybrwn jjjjone
PRO_Bus sturner
PRO_Sultan _funnybunnygrl_
PRO_Sultan _funnybunnygrl_
Risky Business
EU_IT_Juventus Mrfunnybunny
Glowmo Atog
IanchoHr Atog
TheBgQueen Mrfunnybunny
The Executioners
amamlet Atog
amamlet Mrfunnybunny
ez2bcubed Mrfunnybunny
Noctogammon sturner
SteamSax jjjjone
The High Flyers
andypalumbo1 _funnybunnygrl_
crashholly66 jjjjone
Genda Atog
Palimpsest sturner
Skeeves_Revenge jjjjone
The Jokers
HumanFactor Mrfunnybunny
Mathemagics sturner
MrKaiser Atog
MrKaiser Mrfunnybunny

39 Wins /21 Losses - 0 Unplayed

_funnybunnygrl_(C)5/3 - 0Atog10/2 - 0jjjjone8/5 - 0Mrfunnybunny(CC)8/5 - 0sturner8/6 - 0


ABL Boxing Kangaroos
Blotter Kanaya
Burnieboy BRA__Valderi
cindybel DBS_Newtons
ozdiver EU_IT_Eugenio
ABL Dingos
_1_lil_redhd EU_IT_abdon50
BBB01 Kanaya
thejman BRA__Valderi
thejman eu_it_fabry74
ueyustick EU_IT_Eugenio
Eastern Stars
EU_BG_akademika EU_IT_abdon50
EU_BG_akademika eu_it_fabry74
EU_BG_Sandocan EU_IT_lunapk
mb2k1 BRA__Valderi
Fantastic Five
_funnybunnygrl_ BRA__Valderi
_funnybunnygrl_ eu_it_fabry74
Atog lollolollo
jjjjone EU_IT_abdon50
sturner BRA__Valderi
sturner lollolollo
PROs4Neal 1
Pro_BeeGee EU_IT_abdon50 FW
Pro_BeeGee Kanaya FW
PRO_littlebeave lollolollo
PRO_Steve EU_IT_Eugenio
PRO_vocateur EU_IT_Eugenio
PROs4Neal 2
PRO_LEW eu_it_fabry74
PRO_Luis DBS_Newtons
PRO_Pencentric eu_it_fabry74
PRO_RUMBLE lollolollo
PROs4Neal 3
PRO_Blueyewoman Kanaya
PRO_Dragon EU_IT_lunapk
PRO_Jaguar lollolollo
PRO_Taylor_Ann BRA__Valderi
PRO_Taylor_Ann EU_IT_abdon50
PROs4Neal 4
PRO_4Life DBS_Newtons
PRO_4Life EU_IT_abdon50
PRO_fasTTits BRA__Valderi
PRO_Viking EU_IT_Eugenio
PRO_Viking EU_IT_lunapk
Risky Business
bor742 eu_it_fabry74
DimDragon EU_IT_Eugenio FW
DimDragon Kanaya
hockeyfan Kanaya
MacWin EU_IT_lunapk
SixPack BRA__Valderi
The Executioners
peever DBS_Newtons
peever EU_IT_abdon50
Pipshark Kanaya
Pipshark lollolollo
SteamSax eu_it_fabry74
The High Flyers
Cazlander EU_IT_lunapk
crashholly66 Kanaya
Genda EU_IT_abdon50
Palimpsest EU_IT_abdon50
The Jokers
fortdonaldson EU_IT_Eugenio
HumanFactor lollolollo
jdg_ eu_it_fabry74
MrKaiser eu_it_fabry74
skrat DBS_Newtons
skrat EU_IT_lunapk

23 Wins /34 Losses - 0 Unplayed

BRA__Valderi1/7 - 0DBS_Newtons3/2 - 0EU_IT_abdon505/3 - 0EU_IT_Eugenio1/5 - 0eu_it_fabry745/4 - 0
EU_IT_lunapk3/4 - 0Kanaya3/4 - 0lollolollo2/5 - 0Catzarina(C)0/0 - 0strega_tigre(CC)0/0 - 0

  PROs4Neal 1

ABL Boxing Kangaroos
Burnieboy PRO_Raposa
Burnieboy PRO_vocateur
cindybel PRO_Rallyline
ozdiver pro_cubehead
ozdiver PRO_vocateur
ABL Dingos
_1_lil_redhd pro_cubehead
_1_lil_redhd pro_cubehead
Silver_fox_aus1 PRO_Raposa
thejman PRO_GoBigRed
Eastern Stars
EU_BG_Sandocan PRO_littlebeave
EU_BGc_Gammoner PRO_littlebeave
mb2k1 PRO_Rallyline
mb2k1 PRO_vocateur
Tuckin14 PRO_Rallyline
Fantastic Five
jjjjone pro_cubehead
jjjjone PRO_Ronald
jjjjone PRO_Ronald
Mrfunnybunny PRO_Raposa
sturner Pro_BeeGee
EU_IT_abdon50 Pro_BeeGee FW
EU_IT_Eugenio PRO_Steve
EU_IT_Eugenio PRO_vocateur
Kanaya Pro_BeeGee FW
lollolollo PRO_littlebeave
PROs4Neal 2
PRO_Luis PRO_Raposa
PRO_WizGirl pro_cubehead
PRO_WizGirl PRO_GoBigRed FW
PRO_wolf PRO_Ronald
PROs4Neal 3
PRO_Clumpy Pro_BeeGee FW
PRO_Clumpy PRO_GoBigRed
PRO_Clumpy PRO_littlebeave
PRO_RISING PRO_littlebeave
PRO_swil PRO_Steve
PRO_VBL PRO_Rallyline
PROs4Neal 4
PRO_Bdlerybrwn PRO_Ronald
PRO_Bus PRO_Steve
PRO_casey23 PRO_Rallyline
PRO_fasTTits PRO_Steve
PRO_fasTTits PRO_vocateur
PRO_Viking PRO_Steve
Risky Business
DimDragon PRO_Raposa
EU_IT_Juventus PRO_Raposa FW
Glowmo pro_cubehead
hockeyfan PRO_vocateur
SixPack PRO_vocateur
The Executioners
Cyep Pro_BeeGee FW
Cyep PRO_GoBigRed
Noctogammon PRO_Ronald
Pipshark PRO_littlebeave
The High Flyers
andypalumbo1 PRO_Rallyline
BRs_Ricardinho PRO_littlebeave
crashholly66 PRO_Steve
Genda PRO_GoBigRed
Sedalia_ PRO_Steve
Skeeves_Revenge Pro_BeeGee
The Jokers
HumanFactor PRO_Ronald
jdg_ PRO_GoBigRed
LarryG PRO_Raposa
NeilKaz PRO_Ronald
skrat pro_cubehead

27 Wins /27 Losses - 0 Unplayed

Pro_BeeGee1/1 - 0pro_cubehead3/4 - 0PRO_GoBigRed2/3 - 0PRO_littlebeave3/4 - 0PRO_Rallyline2/4 - 0
PRO_Raposa4/2 - 0PRO_Ronald4/3 - 0PRO_Steve5/2 - 0PRO_vocateur3/4 - 0PRO_Cheryl0/0 - 0
PRO_CalKat(A)0/0 - 0

  PROs4Neal 2

ABL Boxing Kangaroos
_M_A_V_21 PRO_Flace
Blotter PRO_Flace
Burnieboy PRO_Luis
cindybel PRO_GoldenPoint
cindybel PRO_WizGirl
ozdiver PRO_LEW
ABL Dingos
BBB01 PRO_Luis
BBB01 PRO_wolf
Silver_fox_aus1 PRO_Pencentric
thejman PRO_Flace
ueyustick PRO_Pencentric
ueyustick PRO_RUMBLE
Eastern Stars
EU_AT_Wolfman PRO_Luis
EU_BG_akademika PRO_WizGirl
EU_BGc_Gammoner PRO_WizGirl
EU_BGc_Gammoner PRO_wolf
Tuckin14 PRO_Flace
Fantastic Five
Atog PRO_GoldenPoint
Atog PRO_wolf
Mrfunnybunny PRO_LEW
Mrfunnybunny PRO_Pencentric
sturner PRO_GoldenPoint
DBS_Newtons PRO_Luis
eu_it_fabry74 PRO_LEW
eu_it_fabry74 PRO_Pencentric
lollolollo PRO_RUMBLE
PROs4Neal 1
pro_cubehead PRO_WizGirl
PRO_GoBigRed PRO_WizGirl FW
PRO_Raposa PRO_Luis
PRO_Ronald PRO_wolf
PROs4Neal 3
PRO_Jaguar PRO_Flace
PRO_Taylor_Ann PRO_LEW
PRO_Taylor_Ann PRO_wolf
PROs4Neal 4
PRO_casey23 PRO_LEW
Risky Business
bor742 PRO_Luis
Glowmo PRO_WizGirl
IanchoHr PRO_Pencentric
MacWin PRO_Flace
The Executioners
amamlet PRO_wolf
Noctogammon PRO_GoldenPoint
peever PRO_Flace
Pipshark PRO_GoldenPoint
SteamSax PRO_Flace
SteamSax PRO_Pencentric
The High Flyers
Cazlander PRO_RUMBLE
crashholly66 PRO_GoldenPoint
Palimpsest PRO_LEW
Palimpsest PRO_LEW
Skeeves_Revenge PRO_Luis
The Jokers
jdg_ PRO_Pencentric
Mathemagics PRO_GoldenPoint
Mathemagics PRO_wolf
MrKaiser PRO_GoldenPoint
NeilKaz PRO_Pencentric

22 Wins /37 Losses - 0 Unplayed

PRO_Flace4/4 - 0PRO_GoldenPoint3/5 - 0PRO_LEW(CC)3/5 - 0PRO_Luis3/4 - 0PRO_Pencentric2/6 - 0
PRO_RUMBLE1/6 - 0PRO_WizGirl(C)3/3 - 0PRO_wolf3/4 - 0PRO_CalKat(A)0/0 - 0

  PROs4Neal 3

ABL Boxing Kangaroos
Burnieboy PRO_swil
Burnieboy PRO_VBL
cindybel PRO_Blueyewoman
ozdiver PRO_Clumpy
ABL Dingos
_1_lil_redhd PRO_Blueyewoman
_1_lil_redhd PRO_swil
thejman PRO_Jaguar
thejman PRO_swil
Eastern Stars
EU_BG_akademika PRO_Taylor_Ann
EU_BG_Sandocan PRO_Clumpy
EU_BGc_Gammoner PRO_Dragon
mb2k1 PRO_VBL
Fantastic Five
_funnybunnygrl_ PRO_RISING
_funnybunnygrl_ PRO_swil
jjjjone PRO_RISING
jjjjone PRO_VBL
sturner PRO_Clumpy
BRA__Valderi PRO_Taylor_Ann
EU_IT_abdon50 PRO_Taylor_Ann
EU_IT_lunapk PRO_Dragon
Kanaya PRO_Blueyewoman
lollolollo PRO_Jaguar
PROs4Neal 1
Pro_BeeGee PRO_Clumpy FW
PRO_GoBigRed PRO_Clumpy
PRO_littlebeave PRO_Clumpy
PRO_littlebeave PRO_RISING
PRO_Rallyline PRO_VBL
PRO_Steve PRO_swil
PROs4Neal 2
PRO_Flace PRO_Jaguar
PRO_LEW PRO_Taylor_Ann
PRO_wolf PRO_Taylor_Ann
PROs4Neal 4
PRO_4Life PRO_Blueyewoman
PRO_Bdlerybrwn PRO_Taylor_Ann
PRO_casey23 PRO_Blueyewoman
Risky Business
bor742 PRO_swil
hockeyfan PRO_swil
SixPack PRO_Jaguar
The Executioners
nightmare73 PRO_swil
Noctogammon PRO_VBL
peever PRO_Dragon
The High Flyers
andypalumbo1 PRO_Taylor_Ann
crashholly66 PRO_Blueyewoman
Palimpsest PRO_Clumpy
Sedalia_ PRO_Blueyewoman
Skeeves_Revenge PRO_Jaguar
The Jokers
fortdonaldson PRO_swil
HumanFactor PRO_Jaguar
jdg_ PRO_Jaguar
LarryG PRO_Taylor_Ann

28 Wins /30 Losses - 0 Unplayed

PRO_Blueyewoman4/3 - 0PRO_Clumpy5/2 - 0PRO_Dragon0/3 - 0PRO_Jaguar4/4 - 0PRO_RISING4/5 - 0
PRO_swil5/4 - 0PRO_Taylor_Ann(C)4/4 - 0PRO_VBL2/5 - 0PRO_CalKat(A)0/0 - 0

  PROs4Neal 4

ABL Boxing Kangaroos
_M_A_V_21 PRO_Viking
Blotter PRO_casey23
Burnieboy PRO_Headhunter
cindybel PRO_Bdlerybrwn
ABL Dingos
_1_lil_redhd PRO_Bdlerybrwn FW
thejman PRO_Bus
thejman PRO_casey23
ueyustick PRO_Sultan
Eastern Stars
EU_AT_Wolfman PRO_4Life
EU_BG_akademika PRO_fasTTits
EU_BG_akademika PRO_Viking
mb2k1 PRO_4Life
Tuckin14 PRO_Bdlerybrwn
Fantastic Five
_funnybunnygrl_ PRO_Sultan
_funnybunnygrl_ PRO_Sultan
jjjjone PRO_Bdlerybrwn
sturner PRO_Bus
BRA__Valderi PRO_fasTTits
DBS_Newtons PRO_4Life
EU_IT_abdon50 PRO_4Life
EU_IT_Eugenio PRO_Viking
EU_IT_lunapk PRO_Viking
PROs4Neal 1
PRO_Rallyline PRO_casey23
PRO_Ronald PRO_Bdlerybrwn
PRO_Steve PRO_Bus
PRO_Steve PRO_fasTTits
PRO_Steve PRO_Viking
PRO_vocateur PRO_fasTTits
PROs4Neal 2
PRO_LEW PRO_casey23
PROs4Neal 3
PRO_Blueyewoman PRO_4Life
PRO_Blueyewoman PRO_casey23
PRO_Taylor_Ann PRO_Bdlerybrwn
Risky Business
bor742 PRO_Bdlerybrwn
bor742 PRO_Bus
MacWin PRO_Bus
Toody PRO_Sultan
The Executioners
Noctogammon PRO_casey23
peever PRO_fasTTits
peever PRO_Sultan
The High Flyers
andypalumbo1 PRO_Sultan
BRs_Ricardinho PRO_fasTTits
Cazlander PRO_4Life
crashholly66 PRO_Viking FW
Sedalia_ PRO_Viking
The Jokers
fortdonaldson PRO_CalKat
jdg_ PRO_casey23
LarryG PRO_Bdlerybrwn
profpianist PRO_TECTION
skrat PRO_Bus

14 Wins /43 Losses - 0 Unplayed

PRO_4Life2/4 - 0PRO_Bdlerybrwn1/6 - 0PRO_Bus2/4 - 0PRO_CalKat(C)1/2 - 0PRO_casey231/6 - 0
PRO_fasTTits2/5 - 0PRO_Headhunter0/1 - 0PRO_Sultan1/5 - 0PRO_TECTION2/5 - 0PRO_Viking2/5 - 0

  Risky Business

ABL Boxing Kangaroos
_M_A_V_21 Glowmo
Burnieboy hockeyfan
Burnieboy SixPack
cindybel SixPack
ozdiver hockeyfan
ABL Dingos
_1_lil_redhd SixPack
BBB01 hockeyfan
BBB01 Toody FW
Silver_fox_aus1 Toody
ueyustick MacWin
Eastern Stars
EU_AT_Wolfman IanchoHr
EU_BG_akademika SixPack
EU_BG_Sandocan hockeyfan
EU_BG_Sandocan TheBgQueen
mb2k1 MacWin
Tuckin14 DimDragon
Fantastic Five
Atog Glowmo
Atog IanchoHr
Mrfunnybunny EU_IT_Juventus
Mrfunnybunny TheBgQueen
BRA__Valderi SixPack
EU_IT_Eugenio DimDragon FW
eu_it_fabry74 bor742
EU_IT_lunapk MacWin
Kanaya DimDragon
Kanaya hockeyfan
PROs4Neal 1
pro_cubehead Glowmo
PRO_Raposa DimDragon
PRO_Raposa EU_IT_Juventus FW
PRO_vocateur hockeyfan
PRO_vocateur SixPack
PROs4Neal 2
PRO_Flace MacWin
PRO_Luis bor742
PRO_Pencentric IanchoHr
PRO_WizGirl Glowmo
PROs4Neal 3
PRO_Jaguar SixPack
PRO_swil bor742
PRO_swil hockeyfan
PROs4Neal 4
PRO_Bdlerybrwn bor742
PRO_Bus bor742
PRO_Bus MacWin
PRO_Sultan Toody
The Executioners
amamlet bor742
nightmare73 Glowmo
Noctogammon TheBgQueen
SteamSax EU_IT_Juventus
SteamSax IanchoHr
The High Flyers
BRs_Ricardinho MacWin
Cazlander TheBgQueen
Genda IanchoHr
Sedalia_ bor742
Sedalia_ Toody
The Jokers
HumanFactor EU_IT_Juventus
LarryG EU_IT_Juventus
NeilKaz IanchoHr
NeilKaz TheBgQueen

29 Wins /28 Losses - 0 Unplayed

bor7425/2 - 0DimDragon0/5 - 0EU_IT_Juventus2/2 - 0Glowmo2/3 - 0hockeyfan1/6 - 0
IanchoHr4/2 - 0MacWin5/2 - 0SixPack(CC)5/2 - 0TheBgQueen3/3 - 0Toody(C)2/1 - 0
URANIUM(A)0/0 - 0

  The Executioners

ABL Boxing Kangaroos
_M_A_V_21 ez2bcubed
_M_A_V_21 peever
Blotter Pipshark
cindybel Noctogammon
ozdiver amamlet
ozdiver Pipshark
ABL Dingos
BBB01 nightmare73 DF
BBB01 Pipshark
Silver_fox_aus1 amamlet
Silver_fox_aus1 peever
ueyustick SteamSax
ueyustick SteamSax
Eastern Stars
EU_AT_Wolfman Noctogammon
EU_AT_Wolfman Pipshark
EU_BG_Sandocan nightmare73
EU_BGc_Gammoner peever
Tuckin14 nightmare73
Fantastic Five
Atog amamlet
jjjjone SteamSax
Mrfunnybunny amamlet
Mrfunnybunny ez2bcubed
sturner Noctogammon
DBS_Newtons peever
EU_IT_abdon50 peever
eu_it_fabry74 SteamSax
Kanaya Pipshark
lollolollo Pipshark
PROs4Neal 1
Pro_BeeGee Cyep FW
PRO_GoBigRed Cyep
PRO_littlebeave Pipshark
PRO_Ronald Noctogammon
PROs4Neal 2
PRO_Flace peever
PRO_Flace SteamSax
PRO_GoldenPoint Noctogammon
PRO_GoldenPoint Pipshark
PRO_Pencentric SteamSax
PRO_wolf amamlet
PROs4Neal 3
PRO_Dragon peever
PRO_swil nightmare73
PRO_VBL Noctogammon
PROs4Neal 4
PRO_casey23 Noctogammon
PRO_fasTTits peever
PRO_Sultan peever
Risky Business
bor742 amamlet
EU_IT_Juventus SteamSax
Glowmo nightmare73
IanchoHr SteamSax
TheBgQueen Noctogammon
The High Flyers
andypalumbo1 amamlet
andypalumbo1 Noctogammon
BRs_Ricardinho peever
Palimpsest nightmare73 FW
Skeeves_Revenge Noctogammon
The Jokers
jdg_ peever
Mathemagics SteamSax
MrKaiser Noctogammon
MrKaiser SteamSax
NeilKaz amamlet

33 Wins /24 Losses - 0 Unplayed

amamlet3/5 - 0Cyep1/0 - 0ez2bcubed(CC)1/1 - 0nightmare731/3 - 0Noctogammon8/3 - 0
peever6/6 - 0Pipshark(C)8/1 - 0SteamSax5/5 - 0

  The High Flyers

ABL Boxing Kangaroos
_M_A_V_21 BRs_Ricardinho
_M_A_V_21 Sedalia_
Blotter andypalumbo1
cindybel crashholly66
ozdiver Genda FW
ABL Dingos
_1_lil_redhd Genda
_1_lil_redhd Genda
Silver_fox_aus1 Skeeves_Revenge
thejman andypalumbo1
thejman BRs_Ricardinho
Eastern Stars
EU_BG_akademika Sedalia_
EU_BGc_Gammoner Cazlander
EU_BGc_Gammoner crashholly66
mb2k1 Sedalia_
Fantastic Five
_funnybunnygrl_ andypalumbo1
Atog Genda
jjjjone crashholly66
jjjjone Skeeves_Revenge
sturner Palimpsest
EU_IT_abdon50 Genda
EU_IT_abdon50 Palimpsest
EU_IT_lunapk Cazlander
Kanaya crashholly66
PROs4Neal 1
Pro_BeeGee Skeeves_Revenge
PRO_GoBigRed Genda
PRO_littlebeave BRs_Ricardinho
PRO_Rallyline andypalumbo1
PRO_Steve crashholly66
PRO_Steve Sedalia_
PROs4Neal 2
PRO_GoldenPoint crashholly66
PRO_LEW Palimpsest
PRO_LEW Palimpsest
PRO_Luis Skeeves_Revenge
PRO_RUMBLE Cazlander
PROs4Neal 3
PRO_Blueyewoman crashholly66
PRO_Blueyewoman Sedalia_
PRO_Clumpy Palimpsest
PRO_Jaguar Skeeves_Revenge
PRO_Taylor_Ann andypalumbo1
PROs4Neal 4
PRO_4Life Cazlander
PRO_fasTTits BRs_Ricardinho
PRO_Sultan andypalumbo1
PRO_Viking crashholly66 FW
PRO_Viking Sedalia_
Risky Business
bor742 Sedalia_
IanchoHr Genda
MacWin BRs_Ricardinho
TheBgQueen Cazlander
Toody Sedalia_
The Executioners
amamlet andypalumbo1
nightmare73 Palimpsest FW
Noctogammon andypalumbo1
Noctogammon Skeeves_Revenge
peever BRs_Ricardinho
The Jokers
fortdonaldson Palimpsest
jdg_ BRs_Ricardinho
Mathemagics Palimpsest
Mathemagics Skeeves_Revenge
skrat Skeeves_Revenge

30 Wins /19 Losses - 0 Unplayed

andypalumbo18/0 - 0BRs_Ricardinho4/3 - 0Cazlander2/4 - 0crashholly665/2 - 0Genda1/5 - 0
Palimpsest4/3 - 0Skeeves_Revenge6/2 - 0cindybel(A)0/0 - 0Lulu20/0 - 0

  The Jokers

ABL Boxing Kangaroos
_M_A_V_21 fortdonaldson
Blotter LarryG
Burnieboy HumanFactor
cindybel fortdonaldson
ozdiver jdg_
ABL Dingos
BBB01 LarryG
Silver_fox_aus1 fortdonaldson
Silver_fox_aus1 HumanFactor
ueyustick Mathemagics
ueyustick profpianist
Eastern Stars
EU_AT_Wolfman NeilKaz
EU_BG_akademika fortdonaldson
EU_BG_Sandocan skrat
EU_BGc_Gammoner profpianist
Tuckin14 LarryG
Tuckin14 profpianist
Fantastic Five
Atog MrKaiser
Mrfunnybunny HumanFactor
Mrfunnybunny MrKaiser
sturner Mathemagics
DBS_Newtons skrat
EU_IT_Eugenio fortdonaldson
eu_it_fabry74 jdg_
eu_it_fabry74 MrKaiser
EU_IT_lunapk skrat
lollolollo HumanFactor
PROs4Neal 1
pro_cubehead skrat
PRO_GoBigRed jdg_
PRO_Raposa LarryG
PRO_Ronald HumanFactor
PRO_Ronald NeilKaz
PROs4Neal 2
PRO_GoldenPoint Mathemagics
PRO_GoldenPoint MrKaiser
PRO_Pencentric jdg_
PRO_Pencentric NeilKaz
PRO_wolf Mathemagics
PROs4Neal 3
PRO_Jaguar HumanFactor
PRO_Jaguar jdg_
PRO_swil fortdonaldson
PRO_Taylor_Ann LarryG
PROs4Neal 4
PRO_Bdlerybrwn LarryG
PRO_Bus skrat
PRO_CalKat fortdonaldson
PRO_casey23 jdg_
PRO_TECTION profpianist
Risky Business
EU_IT_Juventus HumanFactor
EU_IT_Juventus LarryG
IanchoHr NeilKaz
TheBgQueen NeilKaz
The Executioners
amamlet NeilKaz
Noctogammon MrKaiser
peever jdg_
SteamSax Mathemagics
SteamSax MrKaiser
The High Flyers
BRs_Ricardinho jdg_
Palimpsest fortdonaldson
Palimpsest Mathemagics
Skeeves_Revenge Mathemagics
Skeeves_Revenge skrat

36 Wins /24 Losses - 0 Unplayed

fortdonaldson6/2 - 0HumanFactor4/3 - 0jdg_3/5 - 0LarryG(CC)5/2 - 0Mathemagics3/4 - 0
MrKaiser4/2 - 0NeilKaz4/2 - 0profpianist4/0 - 0skrat(C)3/4 - 0

           Match Summary

Wins Losses Unplayed No Result Forfeit Wins Forfeit Losses Total Score
Fantastic Five 39 21 0 0 0 0 45.3
Eastern Stars 36 24 0 0 0 0 43.2
The Jokers 36 24 0 0 0 0 43.2
The Executioners 33 24 0 0 1 2 40.8
Risky Business 29 28 0 0 3 0 39.2
PROs4Neal 3 28 30 0 0 2 0 38.2
ABL Dingos 28 29 0 0 1 2 37.3
ABL Boxing Kangaroos 27 32 0 0 1 0 37.2
The High Flyers 30 19 0 0 2 1 36.9
PROs4Neal 1 27 27 0 0 1 5 35.7
FBS 23 34 0 0 2 1 34.4
PROs4Neal 2 22 37 0 0 0 1 33.1
PROs4Neal 4 14 43 0 0 0 3 26.9
1 0.3 0.3 0.6 0

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