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12 Aug 2017
Who is Rinnyb?
by PRO_Ghost

29 Jul 2017 problems
28 Jun 2017 solutions
? Trivia Corner ?
What word prefix makes new words when added to: pet, meter, graph, mount and site?
Time Waster
The world's hardest game. For the die-hards with PLENTY of time to waste.
July 2017

Gnu output To submit a match to be Gnu linked, email the Gnu gal and attach the dicelog.
In the subject line put the player names as player1_player2_Galaxy

First RoundSecond RoundSweet SixteenQuarter FinalSemi FinalFinal
7 Pts 7 Pts 7 Pts 7 Pts 7 Pts 9 Pts
PAL_GR_DINOS1 (WB)         
pro_gershinator  LAT_pipo1     
bye  Tchantches     
Tchantches (WB)Tchantches       
A_Kadayif (WB)A_Kadayif       
bye    Tchantches   
brspunky    jjjjone   
NoDbles (WB)  jjjjone     
EU_IT_Claudio1 (WB)  EU_IT_Claudio1     
Saturnos1      Tchantches 
bye      cindybel 
BRs_Raphael_ (WB)BRs_Raphael_       
cindybel (WB)cindybel (FW)       
bye  cindybel     
baa_gammonqueen (DF)  PRO_VBL     
Sedalia_ (DF)bye       
byePRO_VBL (WB)       
PRO_VBL (WB)    cindybel   
BAA_caltech4 (WB)    orthodion   
tball1933  BPT_RUMBLE     
bye  orthodion     
orthodion (WB)orthodion       
KissableBrat (WB)KissableBrat       
bye        Tchantches
Dice_Ace        zouky18
friesenjung (WB)friesenjung       
bye  StileBlue     
PRO_RISING  thejman     
byethejman (FW)       
thejman (WB)    StileBlue   
Seqkat (WB)    setokh   
EU_BNL_DUTCHESS (FW)  Seqkat     
bye  setokh     
_Hobsters_ (WB)_Hobsters_       
setokh (WB)setokh       
bye      setokh 
BlueEyedWoman      zouky18 
No1PlayerNo1Player (FW)       
jeffasam (WB)  No1Player     
NAS_Maven (WB)  zouky18     
NightStallion    zouky18   
bye    SteveWorld   
SteveWorld (WB)SteveWorld (FW)       
Kick_Some_TUSH (WB)Kick_Some_TUSH       
bye  SteveWorld     
_BlackBird_ (FW)  EU_BG_Sandocan     
byeEU_BG_Sandocan (FW)       
EU_BG_Sandocan (WB)         

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