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24 Jun 2017
Happy Birthday Matt
by PRO_Rallyline

29 May 2017 problems
29 Apr 2017 solutions
? Trivia Corner ?
Sphenisciformes, whose wings evolved into flippers, are an order of creatures called: Penguins; Seals; Rays; or Sharks?
Time Waster
In 2 boxes, one contains treasure and one poison. Box A has the message 'Box B contains treasure'. Box B has the message 'Box A has poison'. If at least one of the messages is lying, which box has the treasure?
April 2017

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First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundFourth RoundSweet SixteenQuarter FinalSemi FinalFinal
5 Pts 5 Pts 5 Pts 5 Pts 5 Pts 5 Pts 5 Pts 7 Pts
JJB47 (WB)babamamaJJB47 (FW)Skeeves_RevengeJJB47SsupercraschJJB47JJB47
_BlackBird_ (WB)pro_flyerfan2PAL_GR_DINOS1TR_INT_EMELklau8klau8bye 
bye_BlackBird_VIE_TravaTchantches (FW)VIE_NardijjjjoneEU_BG_Sandocan (WB) 
PAL_GR_DINOS1 (WB)orthodionVIE_NardiBlueEyedWomanjjjjoneBigWill (DF)   
byePAL_GR_DINOS1BosphorusPAL_GR_DINOS1TchantchesDBS_pinkfloyd (DF)   
bye (WB)VIE_Trava (WB)TchantchesEU_IT_abdon50Dice_AceEU_BG_Sandocan   
bye (WB)byePRO_VBLVIE_NardiDBS_pinkfloyd (FW)NoDbles   
Bosphorus (WB)Bosphorusbaa_gammonqueenfriesenjungNoDbles     
bye (WB)Tchantches (WB)LAT_pipo1DBS_pinkfloyd       
bye (WB)byeSedalia_PRO_Bert       
byecindybelNoDblesBPT_RUMBLE (FW)       
PRO_VBL (WB)PRO_VBLbrspunkyLAT_pipo1       
EU_IT_Claudio1 (WB)friesenjung           
EU_BNL_DUTCHESS (WB)TUR_UncleSam           
PRO_Bert (WB)A_Kadayif           
PRO_RISING (WB)baa_gammonqueen           
bye (WB)LAT_pipo1 (WB)           
bye (WB)bye           
Sedalia_ (WB)Sedalia_           
NoDbles (WB)NoDbles           
brspunky (WB)brspunky           

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