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27 May 2017
Esprit proposed rule changes
by Tuckin14

29 Apr 2017 problems
17 Feb 2017 solutions
? Trivia Corner ?
What gas is used in making creamy beers such as draught Guinness: Nitrogen; Oxygen; Helium; or Radon?
Time Waster
Which operators +, -, /, x, (, ) can you place between the numbers on the left to make the equation true?
4  4   4   4   4  4 = 4
February 2017

Gnu output To submit a match to be Gnu linked, email the Gnu gal and attach the dicelog.
In the subject line put the player names as player1_player2_Galaxy

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundFourth RoundSweet SixteenQuarter FinalSemi FinalFinal
5 Pts 5 Pts 5 Pts 5 Pts 5 Pts 5 Pts 5 Pts 7 Pts
Skeeves_Revenge (WB)Skeeves_RevengeKdoubleKKdoubleKtermieKdoubleKorthodionJJB47
BigWill (WB)BigWillBoooSsupercraschEU_IT_abdon50PAL_CA_SALARJJB47 
EU_BG_Sandocan (WB)EU_BG_Sandocan (FW)_BlackBird_EU_BG_SandocanSsupercraschDice_Ace   
bye (WB)Booo (WB)baa_gammonqueenbyetangobythebaywittgenstein   
bye (WB)byeSsupercraschEU_IT_abdon50 (WB)Dice_AceJJB47 (FW)   
EU_IT_abdon50 (WB)EU_IT_abdon50tangobythebay (WB)brspunkywittgenstein     
bye_BlackBird_ (FW)Dice_AceLAT_pipo1klau8     
BlueEyedWoman (WB)BlueEyedWomanbabamamatangobythebayJJB47 (FW)     
byefriesenjung (WD)BRs_MrCool__Fire_knight_1_       
baa_gammonqueen (WB)baa_gammonqueenTUR_UncleSam (FW)Dice_Ace (FW)       
PRO_VBL (WB)PRO_VBLcindybelTUR_UncleSam       
byeBosphorus (DF)           
_Matarenzo_ (WB)_Matarenzo_ (DF)           
tangobythebay (WB)tangobythebay           
Dice_Ace (WB)Dice_Ace           
babamama (WB)babamama (FW)           
BRs_MrCool_ (WB)BRs_MrCool_ (WB)           
TUR_UncleSam (WB)TUR_UncleSam (FW)           
brspunky (WB)brspunky (FW)           
the_condor (WB)the_condor           

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