26 May 2021 High Jump problems are posted.
27 Apr 2021 Long Jump solutions

PLEASE NOTE: The default settings for a match will be NORMAL CLOCKS unless both players agree to play without.

ALSO NOTE: A player may request a brb at the end of a game but neither player should press Roll until he returns. This way the clock will stay suspended.

The Warp Gammon Patriot Games is a monthly event. You will be competing as an individual for your country in a single elimination tournament with consolation. Each round is a different format with increasing complexity.

Galaxy is a single elimination tournament, best 2-of-3 9-pt series with 11pt series final. Consolation is best 2-of-3 7pt matches (9pt finals).
Drizzle's LOC is a round robin event with 11-point matches with an elimination progressive points playoff.
Matterhorn is a bi-monthly 7 round Swiss format tournament.  Matches are 15 points and scores for a match are based on the loser's match score. Late signups are open till the end of the first 2 rounds.
Quantum Leap is a stratified round robin event where the two top players of each bracket are promoted to the next higher division for the following month. Late signups are open for a week.
This is a new restricted event hosted by John (skrat) for 10 players from the Warp Gammon ratings leaderboard.
Saturday Night Gammon is an invitation only event with an entry fee of $10 US and prize money. Contact the host Daniel (higgy_1216) for an invitation.
August Patriot
Winner _funnybunnygrl_
Runner Up stroggs
Winner Gladiat0r
Runner Up spetefire
February Matterhorn
Winner EU_AT_Wolfman 150
Runner Up Gladiat0r 144
Third Mrfunnybunny 142
Fourth Dice_Ace 132
April Quantum
Winner PRO_Flace
Runner Up Kanaya
April StrikeThree
Winner PRO_Flace
Runner Up Kanaya
January Warp10
Winner Mrfunnybunny
Runner Up EU_AT_Wolfman
Third Kanaya
April SNG
Winner cubehead
Runner Up steveWYBG
Third KdoubleK
Top Rated None
SteamSax 1814
Mrfunnybunny 1798
GloryDays 1792
EU_AT_Wolfman 1781
PRO_Flace 1769
Top Points Scorers
Mrfunnybunny 33944
sturner 30192
jjjjone 27652
cindybel 23195
Kanaya 18272
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