May: points winner sturner  487     Year to May : points winner sturner  2166     Quantum Leap: May 2017  Winner: crashholly66 Runner Up: sturner   Galaxy: Apr 2017  Winner: Palimpsest Runner Up: Cazlander Consolation Winner: sturner Runner Up: Mrfunnybunny   Matterhorn: Apr 2017  Winner: _funnybunnygrl_   142   Runner Up: Mrfunnybunny   141   Third: sturner   136   Fourth: PRO_Taylor_Ann   133     Saturday Night Gammon: May 2017  Playoffs Winner: PRO_Steve Runner Up: Sedalia_ Apr 2017  Third: andypalumbo1   Beat The PROs: May 2017  Playoffs Winner: PRO_vocateur Runner Up: PRO_Pencentric   Drizzle's LOC: May 2017  Playoffs Winner: Iraj Runner Up: _1_lil_redhd   Warp 10: Jan 2017  Playoffs Winner: Mrfunnybunny Runner Up: SteamSax Third: HumanFactor   Esprit Teams: Feb 2015  Stage II Winner: Risky Business Runner Up: The Executioners Third: The Jokers Consolation Winner: PRO_TEAM Runner Up: PRO_Lific_Cubers   Excalibur: Jan 2017  Winner: sturner Runner Up: skrat Nov 2015  1-Loss Winner: Burnieboy   Strike Three: Jun 2014  Winner: sturner Runner Up: Skeeves_Revenge   Last Man Standing: Mar 2016  Winner: PROs4Neal 1 Runner Up: Time Lords

Each player must play one 11 point match against each of his opponents

All matches must be completed by the second last day of the month.

March, 2014

PROs Opponents Total
PRO_Bdlerybrwn BrianLev39   brspunky   cindybel   KiwiSugar1   NightStallion   PAL_PER_droopy   Smoke_Zilla   zyxtcba   5.9
PRO_Blueyewoman baa_gammonqueen   EU_AT_Wolfman   JJB47   KdoubleK   littlebeaver   Sedalia_   SetFireTTheRain   Skeeves_Revenge   4.5
Pro_Cheryl andypalumbo1   Bosphoruss  NR GAMI_GIT   lemonpoint   Maximus_PB  NR SUPERCRASCH   termie  FW thejman   2.1
PRO_Cinamy baa_gammonqueen   GAMI_GIT   mpetch   nalivali   PAL_PER_droopy   SetFireTTheRain   TUR_UncleSam   VengeanceGEIST1   6.6
PRO_DRFRANK andypalumbo1   baa_gammonqueen   cindybel   KdoubleK   littlebeaver   PAL_GR_DINOS1   Skeeves_Revenge   Smoke_Zilla   5.9
PRO_Flace BrianLev39   brspunky   EU_AT_Wolfman   lemonpoint   NightStallion   Sedalia_   SUPERCRASCH   zyxtcba   6.6
PRO_FLAK Bosphoruss  FW BrianLev39   brspunky   JJB47   KiwiSugar1   Maximus_PB   termie   thejman   6.9
PRO_HEAT_Fan Bosphoruss  FW cindybel   EU_AT_Wolfman   KiwiSugar1   SetFireTTheRain   termie  NR thejman   TUR_UncleSam   4.1
PRO_Jaguar andypalumbo1   KdoubleK  NR lemonpoint   mpetch   nalivali   NightStallion   PAL_GR_DINOS1   Sedalia_   4.5
pro_jjjj GAMI_GIT   JJB47   littlebeaver   Skeeves_Revenge   Smoke_Zilla   SUPERCRASCH   TUR_UncleSam   zyxtcba   5.2
PRO_LEW baa_gammonqueen   BrianLev39   brspunky   lemonpoint   mpetch   nalivali   PAL_GR_DINOS1   VengeanceGEIST1   5.2
PRO_Luis baa_gammonqueen   BrianLev39   Maximus_PB   Sedalia_   SetFireTTheRain   Smoke_Zilla   SUPERCRASCH   TUR_UncleSam   6.6
Pro_MarcR brspunky   cindybel   EU_AT_Wolfman  FW KdoubleK   KiwiSugar1   NightStallion   Skeeves_Revenge   zyxtcba   6.2
PRO_Pencentric andypalumbo1   baa_gammonqueen   Bosphoruss  FW GAMI_GIT   JJB47   littlebeaver   termie   thejman  FW 5.1
PRO_Rallyline Bosphoruss  FW cindybel   EU_AT_Wolfman   KiwiSugar1   PAL_PER_droopy  FW SetFireTTheRain   termie   thejman   4.4
PRO_RISING andypalumbo1   KdoubleK   Maximus_PB   mpetch   nalivali   NightStallion   PAL_GR_DINOS1   Sedalia_   6.6
PRO_RUMBLE GAMI_GIT   JJB47   littlebeaver   Skeeves_Revenge   SUPERCRASCH   TUR_UncleSam   VengeanceGEIST1   zyxtcba   5.9
PRO_Serkan baa_gammonqueen   brspunky   lemonpoint   PAL_GR_DINOS1   PAL_PER_droopy  NR Sedalia_   Smoke_Zilla   VengeanceGEIST1   5.2
PRO_Steve Bosphoruss  NR BrianLev39   cindybel   lemonpoint  NR Maximus_PB   PAL_PER_droopy  NR termie   thejman   3.8
PRO_Stryperman1 EU_AT_Wolfman   KdoubleK   KiwiSugar1   mpetch   nalivali   PAL_GR_DINOS1   SetFireTTheRain   TUR_UncleSam   3.8
PRO_sturner andypalumbo1   Maximus_PB   mpetch   nalivali   NightStallion   Smoke_Zilla   thejman   zyxtcba   6.6
PRO_swandog110 andypalumbo1   Bosphoruss   EU_AT_Wolfman  FW JJB47   KdoubleK   littlebeaver   NightStallion   PAL_PER_droopy   4.2
PRO_swil brspunky   cindybel   GAMI_GIT   KiwiSugar1   PAL_GR_DINOS1   Skeeves_Revenge   SUPERCRASCH   termie   4.5
PRO_Taylor_Ann GAMI_GIT   JJB47   littlebeaver   Skeeves_Revenge   SUPERCRASCH   TUR_UncleSam   VengeanceGEIST1   zyxtcba   5.2
PRO_TECTION GAMI_GIT   mpetch   nalivali   PAL_PER_Droopy   SetFireTTheRain   SUPERCRASCH   TUR_UncleSam   VengeanceGEIST1   4.5
PRO_VBL Bosphoruss  FW BrianLev39   brspunky  FW cindybel   lemonpoint  FW termie   thejman   VengeanceGEIST1   4.1
PRO_WizGirl baa_gammonqueen   BrianLev39   Maximus_PB   PAL_GR_DINOS1   PAL_PER_droopy   Sedalia_   SetFireTTheRain   Smoke_Zilla   6.6
PRO_wolf andypalumbo1   EU_AT_Wolfman   KdoubleK   KiwiSugar1   lemonpoint   Maximus_PB   mpetch   Smoke_Zilla   6.6
ProSultan JJB47   littlebeaver   nalivali   NightStallion   Sedalia_   Skeeves_Revenge   VengeanceGEIST1  FW zyxtcba   5.6
Grand Total: 153

Non-PROs Opponents Total
andypalumbo1 Pro_Cheryl   PRO_DRFRANK   PRO_Jaguar   PRO_Pencentric   PRO_RISING   PRO_sturner   PRO_swandog110   PRO_wolf   5.2
baa_gammonqueen PRO_Blueyewoman   PRO_Cinamy   PRO_DRFRANK   PRO_LEW   PRO_Luis   PRO_Pencentric   PRO_Serkan   PRO_WizGirl   4.5
Bosphoruss Pro_Cheryl  NR PRO_FLAK  FW PRO_HEAT_Fan  FW PRO_Pencentric  FW PRO_Rallyline  FW PRO_Steve  NR PRO_swandog110   PRO_VBL  FW 1.6
BrianLev39 PRO_Bdlerybrwn   PRO_Flace   PRO_FLAK   PRO_LEW   PRO_Luis   PRO_Steve   PRO_VBL   PRO_WizGirl   6.6
brspunky PRO_Bdlerybrwn   PRO_Flace   PRO_FLAK   PRO_LEW   Pro_MarcR   PRO_Serkan   PRO_swil   PRO_VBL  FW 4.1
cindybel PRO_Bdlerybrwn   PRO_DRFRANK   PRO_HEAT_Fan   Pro_MarcR   PRO_Rallyline   PRO_Steve   PRO_swil   PRO_VBL   4.5
EU_AT_Wolfman PRO_Blueyewoman   PRO_Flace   PRO_HEAT_Fan   Pro_MarcR  FW PRO_Rallyline   PRO_Stryperman1   PRO_swandog110  FW PRO_wolf   5.2
GAMI_GIT Pro_Cheryl   PRO_Cinamy   pro_jjjj   PRO_Pencentric   PRO_RUMBLE   PRO_swil   PRO_Taylor_Ann   PRO_TECTION   5.9
JJB47 PRO_Blueyewoman   PRO_FLAK   pro_jjjj   PRO_Pencentric   PRO_RUMBLE   PRO_swandog110   PRO_Taylor_Ann   ProSultan   3.1
KdoubleK PRO_Blueyewoman   PRO_DRFRANK   PRO_Jaguar  NR Pro_MarcR   PRO_RISING   PRO_Stryperman1   PRO_swandog110   PRO_wolf   5.9
KiwiSugar1 PRO_Bdlerybrwn   PRO_FLAK   PRO_HEAT_Fan   Pro_MarcR   PRO_Rallyline   PRO_Stryperman1   PRO_swil   PRO_wolf   5.2
lemonpoint Pro_Cheryl   PRO_Flace   PRO_Jaguar   PRO_LEW   PRO_Serkan   PRO_Steve  NR PRO_VBL  FW PRO_wolf   3.5
littlebeaver PRO_Blueyewoman   PRO_DRFRANK   pro_jjjj   PRO_Pencentric   PRO_RUMBLE   PRO_swandog110   PRO_Taylor_Ann   ProSultan   7.3
Maximus_PB Pro_Cheryl  NR PRO_FLAK   PRO_Luis   PRO_RISING   PRO_Steve   PRO_sturner   PRO_WizGirl   PRO_wolf   5.2
mpetch PRO_Cinamy   PRO_Jaguar   PRO_LEW   PRO_RISING   PRO_Stryperman1   PRO_sturner   PRO_TECTION   PRO_wolf   5.9
nalivali PRO_Cinamy   PRO_Jaguar   PRO_LEW   PRO_RISING   PRO_Stryperman1   PRO_sturner   PRO_TECTION   ProSultan   3.8
NightStallion PRO_Bdlerybrwn   PRO_Flace   PRO_Jaguar   Pro_MarcR   PRO_RISING   PRO_sturner   PRO_swandog110   ProSultan   3.8
PAL_GR_DINOS1 PRO_DRFRANK   PRO_Jaguar   PRO_LEW   PRO_RISING   PRO_Serkan   PRO_Stryperman1   PRO_swil   PRO_WizGirl   3.1
PAL_PER_droopy PRO_Bdlerybrwn   PRO_Cinamy   PRO_Rallyline  FW PRO_Serkan  NR PRO_Steve  NR PRO_swandog110   PRO_TECTION   PRO_WizGirl   2.8
Sedalia_ PRO_Blueyewoman   PRO_Flace   PRO_Jaguar   PRO_Luis   PRO_RISING   PRO_Serkan   PRO_WizGirl   ProSultan   3.8
SetFireTTheRain PRO_Blueyewoman   PRO_Cinamy   PRO_HEAT_Fan   PRO_Luis   PRO_Rallyline   PRO_Stryperman1   PRO_TECTION   PRO_WizGirl   3.8
Skeeves_Revenge PRO_Blueyewoman   PRO_DRFRANK   pro_jjjj   Pro_MarcR   PRO_RUMBLE   PRO_swil   PRO_Taylor_Ann   ProSultan   3.8
Smoke_Zilla PRO_Bdlerybrwn   PRO_DRFRANK   pro_jjjj   PRO_Luis   PRO_Serkan   PRO_sturner   PRO_WizGirl   PRO_wolf   4.5
SUPERCRASCH Pro_Cheryl   PRO_Flace   pro_jjjj   PRO_Luis   PRO_RUMBLE   PRO_swil   PRO_Taylor_Ann   PRO_TECTION   4.5
termie Pro_Cheryl  FW PRO_FLAK   PRO_HEAT_Fan  NR PRO_Pencentric   PRO_Rallyline   PRO_Steve   PRO_swil   PRO_VBL   4.1
thejman Pro_Cheryl   PRO_FLAK   PRO_HEAT_Fan   PRO_Pencentric  FW PRO_Rallyline   PRO_Steve   PRO_sturner   PRO_VBL   4.9
TUR_UncleSam PRO_Cinamy   PRO_HEAT_Fan   pro_jjjj   PRO_Luis   PRO_RUMBLE   PRO_Stryperman1   PRO_Taylor_Ann   PRO_TECTION   6.6
VengeanceGEIST1 PRO_Cinamy   PRO_LEW   PRO_RUMBLE   PRO_Serkan   PRO_Taylor_Ann   PRO_TECTION   PRO_VBL   ProSultan  FW 6.2
zyxtcba PRO_Bdlerybrwn   PRO_Flace   pro_jjjj   Pro_MarcR   PRO_RUMBLE   PRO_sturner   PRO_Taylor_Ann   ProSultan   4.5
Grand Total: 133.9