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Each player must play one 11 point match against each of his opponents

All matches must be completed by the second last day of the month.

January, 2016

PROs Opponents Total
PRO_casey23 cindybel   crashholly66   LarryG   LAT_Ronald   Maddy   nalivali   Palimpsest   zeegee   5.2
pro_cubehead anydoublewilldo  FW chamel  FW cindybel   crashholly66   hockeyfan   KdoubleK   LarryG   LAT_Ronald   4.6
PRO_dominance anydoublewilldo   Burnieboy   chamel   eu_it_fabry74   hockeyfan   jdg_   london_wayne   maikaa   5.2
PRO_fasTTits andypalumbo1   brspunky   eu_it_fabry74   KdoubleK   Mrfunnybunny   oBd_84   Skeeves_Revenge   THF_Exotic2   5.9
PRO_Flace Burnieboy   cindybel   hockeyfan   jdg_   LarryG   nalivali   Palimpsest   zeegee   7.3
PRO_FLAK anydoublewilldo  FW brspunky   crashholly66   KdoubleK   london_wayne   maikaa  FW Mrfunnybunny   oBd_84   3.9
PRO_GoBigRed andypalumbo1   chamel   cindybel   eu_it_fabry74   LAT_Ronald   Maddy   Skeeves_Revenge   THF_Exotic2   5.9
PRO_GoldenPoint crashholly66   hockeyfan   jdg_   maikaa   Mrfunnybunny   oBd_84   Palimpsest  FW Skeeves_Revenge   6.2
PRO_Jaguar andypalumbo1   Burnieboy   chamel   LarryG   london_wayne   nalivali   THF_Exotic2   zeegee   3.1
pro_jjjj anydoublewilldo   brspunky   chamel   hockeyfan   KdoubleK   LAT_Ronald   Maddy   THF_Exotic2   4.5
PRO_Pencentric andypalumbo1   crashholly66   eu_it_fabry74   jdg_   LAT_Ronald  FW oBd_84   Palimpsest  FW Skeeves_Revenge   5.1
PRO_Pencentric zeegee   anydoublewilldo  NR brspunky   Burnieboy   cindybel   LAT_Ronald   Maddy   Mrfunnybunny   3.1
PRO_RISING nalivali   andypalumbo1   chamel   KdoubleK   LarryG   london_wayne   maikaa   Palimpsest   3.1
PRO_RUMBLE Skeeves_Revenge   anydoublewilldo   brspunky   Burnieboy   cindybel   LarryG   maikaa   THF_Exotic2   2.4
PRO_sturner crashholly66   eu_it_fabry74   hockeyfan   jdg_   KdoubleK   Maddy   nalivali   zeegee   7.3
PRO_Sultan london_wayne   maddy   maikaa   Mrfunnybunny   Palimpsest   Skeeves_Revenge   THF_Exotic2   zeegee   3.8
PRO_swandog110 anydoublewilldo   chamel   london_wayne   Mrfunnybunny   nalivali   oBd_84   Skeeves_Revenge   zeegee   5.2
PRO_swil andypalumbo1   Burnieboy   cindybel   crashholly66   eu_it_fabry74   LAT_Ronald   maikaa   THF_Exotic2   5.9
PRO_Taylor_Ann brspunky   hockeyfan   jdg_   KdoubleK   LarryG   london_wayne   Maddy   oBd_84   5.2
PRO_TECTION andypalumbo1   anydoublewilldo  NR cindybel   eu_it_fabry74   LAT_Ronald   Mrfunnybunny   Palimpsest   Skeeves_Revenge   6.6
PRO_VBL brspunky   Burnieboy   jdg_  FW KdoubleK   Maddy   maikaa   Mrfunnybunny   nalivali   2.8
PRO_WizGirl chamel   crashholly66   hockeyfan   LarryG   london_wayne   oBd_84   Palimpsest   THF_Exotic2   4.5
PRO_wolf andypalumbo1   brspunky   Burnieboy   eu_it_fabry74   jdg_   nalivali   oBd_84   zeegee   5.2
Grand Total: 112

Non-PROs Opponents Total
andypalumbo1 PRO_fasTTits   PRO_GoBigRed   PRO_Jaguar   PRO_Pencentric   PRO_RUMBLE   PRO_swil   PRO_TECTION   PRO_wolf   4.5
anydoublewilldo pro_cubehead  FW PRO_dominance   PRO_FLAK  FW pro_jjjj   PRO_RISING  NR PRO_Steve   PRO_swandog110   PRO_TECTION  NR 5.1
brspunky PRO_fasTTits   PRO_FLAK   pro_jjjj   PRO_RISING   PRO_Steve   PRO_Taylor_Ann   PRO_VBL   PRO_wolf   4.5
Burnieboy PRO_dominance   PRO_Flace   PRO_Jaguar   PRO_RISING   PRO_Steve   PRO_swil   PRO_VBL   PRO_wolf   5.9
chamel pro_cubehead  FW PRO_dominance   PRO_GoBigRed   PRO_Jaguar   pro_jjjj   PRO_RUMBLE   PRO_swandog110   PRO_WizGirl   6.2
cindybel PRO_casey23   pro_cubehead   PRO_Flace   PRO_GoBigRed   PRO_RISING   PRO_Steve   PRO_swil   PRO_TECTION   3.8
crashholly66 PRO_casey23   pro_cubehead   PRO_FLAK   PRO_GoldenPoint   PRO_Pencentric   PRO_sturner   PRO_swil   PRO_WizGirl   3.1
eu_it_fabry74 PRO_dominance   PRO_fasTTits   PRO_GoBigRed   PRO_Pencentric   PRO_sturner   PRO_swil   PRO_TECTION   PRO_wolf   4.5
hockeyfan pro_cubehead   PRO_dominance   PRO_Flace   PRO_GoldenPoint   pro_jjjj   PRO_sturner   PRO_Taylor_Ann   PRO_WizGirl   5.2
jdg_ PRO_dominance   PRO_Flace   PRO_GoldenPoint   PRO_Pencentric   PRO_sturner   PRO_Taylor_Ann   PRO_VBL  FW PRO_wolf   4.8
KdoubleK pro_cubehead   PRO_fasTTits   PRO_FLAK   pro_jjjj   PRO_RUMBLE   PRO_sturner   PRO_Taylor_Ann   PRO_VBL   7.3
LarryG PRO_casey23   pro_cubehead   PRO_Flace   PRO_Jaguar   PRO_RUMBLE   PRO_Steve   PRO_Taylor_Ann   PRO_WizGirl   5.9
LAT_Ronald PRO_casey23   pro_cubehead   PRO_GoBigRed   pro_jjjj   PRO_Pencentric  FW PRO_RISING   PRO_swil   PRO_TECTION   4.2
london_wayne PRO_dominance   PRO_FLAK   PRO_Jaguar   PRO_RUMBLE   PRO_Sultan   PRO_swandog110   PRO_Taylor_Ann   PRO_WizGirl   5.2
Maddy PRO_casey23   PRO_GoBigRed   pro_jjjj   PRO_RISING   PRO_sturner   PRO_Sultan   PRO_Taylor_Ann   PRO_VBL   4.5
maikaa PRO_dominance   PRO_FLAK  FW PRO_GoldenPoint   PRO_RUMBLE   PRO_Steve   PRO_Sultan   PRO_swil   PRO_VBL   4.8
Mrfunnybunny PRO_fasTTits   PRO_FLAK   PRO_GoldenPoint   PRO_RISING   PRO_Sultan   PRO_swandog110   PRO_TECTION   PRO_VBL   5.9
nalivali PRO_casey23   PRO_Flace   PRO_Jaguar   PRO_RISING   PRO_sturner   PRO_swandog110   PRO_VBL   PRO_wolf   5.2
oBd_84 PRO_fasTTits   PRO_FLAK   PRO_GoldenPoint   PRO_Pencentric   PRO_swandog110   PRO_Taylor_Ann   PRO_WizGirl   PRO_wolf   5.2
Palimpsest PRO_casey23   PRO_Flace   PRO_GoldenPoint  FW PRO_Pencentric  FW PRO_RUMBLE   PRO_Sultan   PRO_TECTION   PRO_WizGirl   3.9
Skeeves_Revenge PRO_fasTTits   PRO_GoBigRed   PRO_GoldenPoint   PRO_Pencentric   PRO_RUMBLE   PRO_Sultan   PRO_swandog110   PRO_TECTION   3.8
THF_Exotic2 PRO_fasTTits   PRO_GoBigRed   PRO_Jaguar   pro_jjjj   PRO_Steve   PRO_Sultan   PRO_swil   PRO_WizGirl   5.2
zeegee PRO_casey23   PRO_Flace   PRO_Jaguar   PRO_Pencentric   PRO_sturner   PRO_Sultan   PRO_swandog110   PRO_wolf   3.8
Grand Total: 112.5