May: points winner sturner  487     Year to May : points winner sturner  2166     Quantum Leap: May 2017  Winner: crashholly66 Runner Up: sturner   Galaxy: Apr 2017  Winner: Palimpsest Runner Up: Cazlander Consolation Winner: sturner Runner Up: Mrfunnybunny   Matterhorn: Apr 2017  Winner: _funnybunnygrl_   142   Runner Up: Mrfunnybunny   141   Third: sturner   136   Fourth: PRO_Taylor_Ann   133     Saturday Night Gammon: Apr 2017  Playoffs Winner: jjjjone Runner Up: Mrfunnybunny Third: andypalumbo1   Beat The PROs: Apr 2017  Playoffs Winner: PRO_sturner Runner Up: PRO_vocateur   Drizzle's LOC: May 2017  Playoffs Winner: Iraj Runner Up: _1_lil_redhd   Warp 10: Jan 2017  Playoffs Winner: Mrfunnybunny Runner Up: SteamSax Third: HumanFactor   Esprit Teams: Feb 2015  Stage II Winner: Risky Business Runner Up: The Executioners Third: The Jokers Consolation Winner: PRO_TEAM Runner Up: PRO_Lific_Cubers   Excalibur: Jan 2017  Winner: sturner Runner Up: skrat Nov 2015  1-Loss Winner: Burnieboy   Strike Three: Jun 2014  Winner: sturner Runner Up: Skeeves_Revenge   Last Man Standing: Mar 2016  Winner: PROs4Neal 1 Runner Up: Time Lords

April, 2017

Date Due: 29  April

Players BRA__Valderi Genda LAT_pipo1 Mrfunnybunny pencentric_exec PRO_RUMBLE rickypablo48 Sedalia_ Skeeves_Revenge sturner
BRA__Valderi BRA__Valderi LAT_pipo1 BRA__Valderi BRA__Valderi (NR) BRA__Valderi Sedalia_ Skeeves_Revenge sturner
Genda BRA__Valderi LAT_pipo1 Mrfunnybunny pencentric_exec PRO_RUMBLE (FW) Genda Genda (FW) Skeeves_Revenge sturner
LAT_pipo1 LAT_pipo1 LAT_pipo1 Mrfunnybunny LAT_pipo1 LAT_pipo1 LAT_pipo1 Sedalia_ LAT_pipo1 sturner
Mrfunnybunny BRA__Valderi Mrfunnybunny Mrfunnybunny pencentric_exec PRO_RUMBLE Mrfunnybunny Sedalia_ Mrfunnybunny Mrfunnybunny
pencentric_exec BRA__Valderi pencentric_exec LAT_pipo1 pencentric_exec PRO_RUMBLE pencentric_exec pencentric_exec pencentric_exec sturner
rickypablo48 BRA__Valderi Genda LAT_pipo1 Mrfunnybunny pencentric_exec PRO_RUMBLE (FW) (DF) Skeeves_Revenge sturner
Sedalia_ Sedalia_ Genda (FW) Sedalia_ Sedalia_ pencentric_exec PRO_RUMBLE (DF) Skeeves_Revenge sturner
Skeeves_Revenge Skeeves_Revenge Skeeves_Revenge LAT_pipo1 Mrfunnybunny pencentric_exec PRO_RUMBLE Skeeves_Revenge Skeeves_Revenge sturner
sturner sturner sturner sturner Mrfunnybunny sturner sturner sturner sturner sturner
9 total matches 4 Wins
4 Losses
Score 6.5
1 Wins
6 Losses
Score 4.8
6 Wins
3 Losses
Score 7.5
5 Wins
4 Losses
Score 7
5 Wins
4 Losses
Score 7
4 Wins
2 Losses
Score 7.1
0 Wins
7 Losses
Score 3.5
3 Wins
4 Losses
Score 5
4 Wins
5 Losses
Score 6.5
8 Wins
1 Losses
Score 8.5