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Format Entry Scoring
Matchlogs Web-based Rules Forfeits
Tournament Staff Warp Gammon Points Host Authority
Format The tournament will be a 7 round Swiss format.  Matches will be 15 points. Players are seeded initially by Warp rating, with the highest ranked player paired against a player half way down the ranking.
Entry Players may enter only once.  Signups will close at 6 PM Pacific time on the last day of the month.  The draw will be posted as soon as practical thereafter.

There are no entry fees or prizes.

Late entries will be accepted during the first 2 rounds and will enter with a score of 12 points per missed round. Late entries may replace players who have not scheduled or played at all for the first 2 rounds.

Scoring A players score for a match is based on the loser's match score. The loser receives his match score while the winner receives 30 - loser's score. In the second and subsequent rounds players are ranked by the cumulative scores with the top scoring players paired together and so on down the line to the lowest scoring players. No player will play the same opponent twice in the same tournament.

For the first 4 rounds, when a match has not been played by the deadline a forfeit score of up to 20 points will be awarded each player, dependent on the scheduling efforts of each player. Matches scheduled late will not receive the maximum award.

In the final 3 rounds a maximum forfeit score will be awarded of up to 20 points or the player's average score in the first 5 rounds, whichever is the greater.

Forfeited matches may be played during the following round for the first 4 rounds, in which case the match score will replace the forfeit scores. Players who need an extension for the final 3 rounds must contact the host.

Match Logs Players should save matchlogs. This will serve as evidence that the match was played and the score is correct. On no account are matches to be reported as played if they have not been played to completion.
General Web-based Tournament Rules All rules pertaining to conduct of web-based tournaments will be as provided in the Warp Gammon Web-based Tournamentrules.  Players should pay particular attention to policies regarding scheduling. 
Forfeits Players do not need to apply for forfeits, they will be granted automatically at the end of each round based upon scheduling emails. Matches unplayed in the first 4 rounds will be assigned a provisional score and be tagged with a PS matchcode. These matches may still be played in the next round where the played match score will replace the provisional score.

Players who have made insufficient effort to play all their matches may be refused entry to the next month's event. Players are subject to penalties for failing to complete or attempt to complete matches. Penalty points are cumulative and will be removed at the rate of 25% per month.  For a complete explanation of penalty points follow this link.

Players who have forfeit losses with a score of zero for two matches will be removed from the tournament.

Matches will be played at the rate of about one every seven days.  The schedule may be adjusted slightly in the first month.

Tournament Staff The Matterhorn Tournament Host is cindybel  The Director of Warp Gammon is SteveWorld.

In the event of any ruling involving any WarpGammon staff member as a player, the decision will be referred to an impartial person or committee whose objectivity is agreed to by all concerned parties.

Warp Gammon points
Win Bonus*
Main 9 points

1st - 50 points
2nd - 30 points
3rd - 20 points
4th - 10 points

Host Authority The tournament host has full authority to resolve all disputes.  If the host is not immediately available, you may contact any Warp Gammon host to report the problem.

The tournament host may, where a situation presents itself, modify or depart from the published rules to resolve situations that may compromise the integrity of the event. This will occur only in the cases of unanticipated situations, peculiarities pertaining to internet backgammon play, or where a variation would be manifestly fairer to a large number of players.

Where a decision involves the tournament host, or a decision by the host be challenged, it may, should the interested parties prefer, be resolved by a third party agreeable to all concerned.

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