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24 Jun 2017
Happy Birthday Matt
by PRO_Rallyline

29 May 2017 problems
29 Apr 2017 solutions
? Trivia Corner ?
Sphenisciformes, whose wings evolved into flippers, are an order of creatures called: Penguins; Seals; Rays; or Sharks?
Time Waster
In 2 boxes, one contains treasure and one poison. Box A has the message 'Box B contains treasure'. Box B has the message 'Box A has poison'. If at least one of the messages is lying, which box has the treasure?


bullet Entry bullet Format bullet Match Lengths
bullet Scheduling your Matches bullet Scoring bullet Tie Breaking
bullet Warp Gammon Points bullet bullet
The tournament host has full authority to resolve all disputes.  If the host is not immediately available, you may contact any Warp Gammon host to report the problem.

The tournament host may, where a situation presents itself, modify or depart from the published rules to resolve situations that may compromise the integrity of the event. This will occur only in the cases of unanticipated situations, peculiarities pertaining to internet backgammon play, or where a variation would be manifestly fairer to a large number of players.

Where a decision involves the tournament host, or a decision by the host be challenged, it may, should the interested parties prefer, be resolved by a third party agreeable to all concerned.


Players will be placed initially into a major league team of 5, 6 or 7 players. Bracket numbers will be organised so that the number of players does not differ by more than 1 in each of the leagues.
Each bracket will play a complete internal round-robin over a two week period.  After this the following rules determine placement of players in succeeding rounds:
* Players who have 50% or more losses in a major league team are 'struck out' and consigned to a minor league team for the following round:
5-player brackets 2.5 losses.
6-player brackets 3 losses.
7-player brackets 3.5 losses.
* Players from a minor league players who have 25% or less losses are permitted to rejoin the major league in the following round.
5-player brackets 1.3 losses.
6-player brackets 1.5 losses.
7-player brackets 1.8 losses.

The final round will be played when there are less than 10 players remaining in the major league at the start of a round. The remaining players in the major league will play a final round robin to decide the winners

players who do not schedule or play any matches during a round will be removed.

Assignments in each round will be random.


This event is only open to regular Warp Gammon players - those who have played at least once in our regular events Quantum Leap, Matterhorn, Galaxy, LOC, Beat The Pros, Warp 10 or Saturday Night Gammon in the past 6 months.

Registration is via the signup link for Strike Three on MyPage

You are expected to complete all of your matches. If you do not play all your matches, you may be excluded from future web-based Warp Gammon Tournaments.

Unless specifically stated otherwise elsewhere in Warp Gammon Tournament's rules, you may enter the tournament using only one player name.  If you enter more than once, you may be disqualified from the WarpGammon Tournament.

Scoring Forfeits for the purpose of determining the winners in the final bracket will be allocated as follows:

A win will have a value of 0
A forfeit win will have a value of 0.3

A played loss will be worth 1
A No Result will be worth 0.6
A forfeit loss will be worth 1.5
Match Lengths
All matches will be 11 points
General Web-based Tournament Rules All rules pertaining to conduct of web-based tournaments will be as provided in the Warp Gammon Web-based Tournament rules.  Players should pay particular attention to policies regarding scheduling.  Players who do not make a sufficient effort to schedule and play matches risk disqualification and suspension.  Players who do not have enough time and flexibility to schedule and play 6 or 7 matches during a 2-week period at times convenient to opponents in all time zones are advised not to register.
Scheduling your Matches

Please ensure that your normal scheduling times are in your profile, as well as the servers you play on. This is an invaluable aid to scheduling.

Schedule early to avoid forfeits and to give your opponent time to respond.

Please read now this additional information on what is expected of players in scheduling at this link: scheduling standards.


Players are subject to penalties for failing to complete or attempt to complete matches, including probation, suspension, and demotion.  Players may be denied entry for failure to complete matches in this or any other Warp Gammon web-based event.

In general, players who fail to complete 2-3 matches during a month (i.e. forfeit losses or no results) will receive one penalty point, and those who fail to complete 4 or more matches will receive two penalty points.  Penalty points will be removed at the rate of 25% per month.  Players with at least 2 penalty points will be denied entry.

Forfeit scores are awarded as follows: Forfeit win - 0.6, No Result 0.3, Forfeit loss 0. A played win is awarded 1 while a played loss is awarded 0.3.

Tournament Staff The Warp Gammon Strike Three Tournament Host is Cindy (cindybel)   The Director of Warp Gammon is Steve Mongeon (SteveWorld).

In the event of imperfections in tournament procedure (such as forfeits, withdrawals, inadequate time to play tiebreakers, frozen matches, etc.) the host may take such steps as are necessary to preserve the competitive integrity of the tournament.

In the event of any ruling involving either the host or co-host as a player, the decision will be referred to an impartial person or committee whose objectivity is agreed to by all concerned parties.

Warp Gammon points
Match win Bonus Points
7 points 1st - 50 points
2nd - 30 points
Host Authority

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