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9 Mar 2017
Rude and arrogant players
by cindybel

27 Feb 2017 problems
27 Jan 2017 solutions
? Trivia Corner ?
In body language what does looking left and down signify?
Time Waster
Not for the colour-blind.

Each player must play one 11-point match against each opponent.

Matches to be completed by the 2nd of April

January 2017

Players Mrfunnybunny LarryG MacWin PRO_GoldenPoint skrat SteamSax sturner ez2bcubed LAT_Ronald HumanFactor
Mrfunnybunny LarryG Mrfunnybunny PRO_GoldenPoint skrat SteamSax Mrfunnybunny Mrfunnybunny Mrfunnybunny Mrfunnybunny
LarryG LarryG PRO_GoldenPoint skrat LarryG sturner LAT_Ronald
MacWin Mrfunnybunny MacWin SteamSax sturner ez2bcubed LAT_Ronald
PRO_GoldenPoint PRO_GoldenPoint PRO_GoldenPoint MacWin skrat SteamSax PRO_GoldenPoint ez2bcubed LAT_Ronald HumanFactor
skrat skrat skrat skrat SteamSax sturner ez2bcubed skrat HumanFactor
SteamSax SteamSax LarryG SteamSax SteamSax SteamSax SteamSax ez2bcubed SteamSax SteamSax
sturner Mrfunnybunny sturner sturner PRO_GoldenPoint sturner SteamSax sturner LAT_Ronald
ez2bcubed Mrfunnybunny ez2bcubed ez2bcubed ez2bcubed ez2bcubed sturner ez2bcubed HumanFactor
LAT_Ronald Mrfunnybunny LAT_Ronald LAT_Ronald LAT_Ronald skrat SteamSax LAT_Ronald ez2bcubed HumanFactor
HumanFactor Mrfunnybunny HumanFactor HumanFactor SteamSax HumanFactor HumanFactor
9 total matches 5 Wins
4 Losses
2 Wins
4 Losses
1 Wins
5 Losses
3 Wins
6 Losses
4 Wins
4 Losses
7 Wins
2 Losses
4 Wins
4 Losses
5 Wins
3 Losses
4 Wins
5 Losses
4 Wins
2 Losses