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24 Jun 2017
Happy Birthday Matt
by PRO_Rallyline

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Sphenisciformes, whose wings evolved into flippers, are an order of creatures called: Penguins; Seals; Rays; or Sharks?
Time Waster
In 2 boxes, one contains treasure and one poison. Box A has the message 'Box B contains treasure'. Box B has the message 'Box A has poison'. If at least one of the messages is lying, which box has the treasure?

Warp 10 Tournament Rules

Format Qualification Entry
Vacation Rule Scoring Playoffs
Tie Breaking Scheduling your Matches Forfeits
Tournament Staff Web-based Rules Warp Gammon Points

The League consists of 10 top rated Warp Gammon players. Please do not sign up if your current rating is below 1700. The bracket will play a round robin. All matches will be 11 points. 

Each League session runs from the 1st to the last day of the second month.    Late postings will be accepted if prior agreement has been reached with the host.  Brackets will be posted on the 1st of the month.

If you do not play all your matches, nor send Warp Scheduling Emails for those matches, you will be excluded from the next Warp 10.


Players who finish with a plus score automatically qualify for the following season.

The remaining players will be determined by the higher of either their Warp Gammon rating, or their GridGammon rating - 200.


Players may sign up every other month or by using the automatic signup link to remain on the list of candidates.  If you are unable to play the following session you can take yourself off this list during the current session.

Vacation Rule

Players who take one or more seasons off may sign up anytime in the future. 


A win will have a value of 1
A loss will be worth 0


The top three scorers qualify for the playoffs. The second and third place qualifiers play. The winner of that match plays the top scoring player from the qualifying round.

All playoff matches will be 11 points.

Tie Breaking

If there is a tie for first through third, it will be broken as follows:
1. Head to head among tied players.
2. Second level and beyond tie breaking follows the methods used in other Warp Gammon events.
3. If all tiebreaking methods fail, the higher seeded player at the start of the event will get the edge.

your Matches

Please ensure that your normal scheduling times are in your profile, as well as the servers you play on. This is an invaluable aid to scheduling.

Online link up with players is encouraged but if you have not been able to play a match by the end of the first month then you should start a scheduling correspondence to arrange a time and location. The default site is Safe Harbor. You may also play in GridGammon if both players agree.

Contact the host if you feel you need extra assistance in arranging a match.


There will be no forfeits granted in Warp 10. If one of more players do not complete their schedule, replacement players will be used.

Also, if any player has not completed a single match within the first three weeks, they will be replaced with the next player in line with the highest qualification.

Tournament Staff

The Warp 10 Tournament Host is John (skrat). For online assistance also contact Cindy (cindybel)

In the event of situations not specifically covered by the rules, the host may take such steps as are necessary to preserve the competitive integrity of the tournament.

General Web-based
Tournament Rules

All rules pertaining to conduct of web-based tournaments will be as provided in the Warp Gammon Web-based Tournament rules.  Players should pay particular attention to policies regarding scheduling.  Players who do not make a sufficient effort to schedule and play matches risk suspension.  Players who do not have enough time and flexibility to schedule and play 9 matches within two months at times convenient to opponents in all time zones are advised not to register.

Warp Gammon points
Match win Bonus Points
7 points 1st - 50 points
2nd - 30 points
Host Authority The tournament host has full authority to resolve all disputes.  If the host is not immediately available, you may contact any Warp Gammon host to report the problem.

The tournament host may, where a situation presents itself, modify or depart from the published rules to resolve situations that may compromise the integrity of the event. This will occur only in the cases of unanticipated situations, peculiarities pertaining to internet backgammon play, or where a variation would be manifestly fairer to a large number of players.

Where a decision involves the tournament host, or a decision by the host be challenged, it may, should the interested parties prefer, be resolved by a third party agreeable to all concerned.

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