April: points winner sturner  418     Year to April : points winner sturner  1679     Quantum Leap: Apr 2017  Winner: sturner Runner Up: crashholly66   Galaxy: Apr 2017  Winner: Palimpsest Runner Up: Cazlander Feb 2017  Consolation Winner: jjjjone Runner Up: Palimpsest   Matterhorn: Feb 2017  Winner: _funnybunnygrl_   151   Runner Up: ueyustick   141   Third: hockeyfan   133   Fourth: Palimpsest   131     Saturday Night Gammon: Apr 2017  Playoffs Winner: jjjjone Runner Up: Mrfunnybunny Third: andypalumbo1   Beat The PROs: Apr 2017  Playoffs Winner: PRO_sturner Runner Up: PRO_vocateur   Drizzle's LOC: Apr 2017  Playoffs Winner: eu_it_fabry74 Runner Up: BRs_Ricardinho   Warp 10: Jan 2017  Playoffs Winner: Mrfunnybunny Runner Up: SteamSax Third: HumanFactor   Esprit Teams: Feb 2015  Stage II Winner: Risky Business Runner Up: The Executioners Third: The Jokers Consolation Winner: PRO_TEAM Runner Up: PRO_Lific_Cubers   Excalibur: Jan 2017  Winner: sturner Runner Up: skrat Nov 2015  1-Loss Winner: orthodion   Strike Three: Jun 2014  Winner: sturner Runner Up: Skeeves_Revenge   Last Man Standing: Mar 2016  Winner: PROs4Neal 1 Runner Up: Time Lords

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Top Rated Players
sturner 1831
skrat 1809
SteamSax 1802
ez2bcubed 1795
MrKaiser 1791
LarryG 1760
Mrfunnybunny 1757
MacWin 1745
PRO_GoldenPoint 1742
BRs_Ricardinho 1734
LAT_Ronald 1733
fortdonaldson 1730
jjjjone 1730
ueyustick 1729
eu_it_fabry74 1728
_funnybunnygrl_ 1720
Top Points Scorers
jjjjone 20433
Mrfunnybunny 17240
cindybel 15663
sturner 13595
KdoubleK 12245
Kanaya 9376
PRO_Steve 9115
LAT_pipo1 9048
andypalumbo1 8694
Skeeves_Revenge 8251
Sedalia_ 8218
eu_it_fabry74 7770
orthodion 7718
_funnybunnygrl_ 7177
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