November: points winner Mrfunnybunny  494     Year to November : points winner Mrfunnybunny  4514     Quantum Leap: Nov 2023  Winner: Kanaya Runner Up: pencentric_exec   Galaxy: Sep 2023  Winner: GloryDays Runner Up: bash Consolation Winner: AIM_Rony Runner Up: Skeeves_Revenge   Matterhorn: Jun 2023  Winner: mixalich   161   Runner Up: sturner   146   Third: Burnieboy   133   Fourth: Seqkat   129     Saturday Night Gammon: Oct 2023  Playoffs Winner: littlebeaver Runner Up: Burnieboy Third: Kanaya   Drizzle's LOC: Sep 2023  Playoffs Winner: jjjjone Runner Up: jdg_   Patriot Games: Oct 2023  Winner: Mrfunnybunny Runner Up: jdg_ Consolation Winner: stroggs Runner Up: mixalich   Warp 10: Jul 2023  Playoffs Winner: EU_AT_Wolfman Runner Up: skrat Third: Gladiat0r   Esprit Teams: Apr 2023  Stage II Winner: The Jokers Runner Up: Fantastic Five Third: Pure Play Consolation Winner: Dice Infinity Runner Up:   Excalibur: Nov 2022  Winner: LarryG Runner Up: sturner Nov 2021  1-Loss Winner: skrat Runner Up: EU_AT_Wolfman   Last Man Standing: April 2022  Winner: Risky Business Runner Up: The Jokers


The Warp Gammon Galaxy is a monthly single elimination tournament with a progressive consolation. Each round is a best 2-of-3 series of 9 point matches. (finals are 11 points) The consolation round is also a best 2-of-3 series but with 7 point matches. (9 points in the final) The winner and runner-up of each event will receive WarpGammon bonus points. Gold points in the main event and red in the consolation.

We realize that match deadlines are short. Please attempt to schedule your matches as soon as possible. If a time can not be agreed upon within the scheduled time frame, please contact the WarpGammon Galaxy host and a reasonable extension will be granted.

Signups close at 6 PM pacific time, on the last day of the month.
Pairings are random and will be posted shortly after close of signups.

Good Luck! But most of all...Have Fun!

Sep 2023


Runner Up



Runner Up

Latest Winners

Main Consolation
Event Winner Runner Up Winner Runner Up
Sep 2023 GloryDays bash AIM_Rony Skeeves_Revenge
Aug 2023 GloryDays Lulu2 Mrfunnybunny sturner
Jul 2023 Mrfunnybunny PRO_LEW jdg_ mixalich
Jun 2023 Mrfunnybunny TonyH GloryDays Burnieboy
May 2023 GloryDays Skeeves_Revenge Mrfunnybunny BRs_AnaClaudia
Apr 2023 GloryDays jdg_ bash TonyH
Mar 2023 GloryDays Keytagal Burnieboy jdg_
Feb 2023 jjjjone Fasttits Kanaya LESTER
Jan 2023 GloryDays Mrfunnybunny jjjjone stroggs
Dec 2022 Macunaima stroggs GloryDays TonyH
Nov 2022 Mrfunnybunny GloryDays jdg_ sturner
Oct 2022 sturner TonyH GloryDays Seqkat
Sep 2022 PRO_swandog110 sturner GloryDays bash
Jul 2022 TonyH steveWYBG skrat jdg_
Aug 2022 GloryDays Mrfunnybunny Jackson31 steveWYBG
Jun 2022 sturner steveWYBG jjjjone Mrfunnybunny
May 2022 TonyH Mrfunnybunny skrat steveWYBG
Apr 2022 Kanaya Gladiat0r sturner Burnieboy
Mar 2022 eu_it_fabry74 GloryDays skrat RISING
Feb 2022 Burnieboy stroggs sturner TonyH
Jan 2022 Kanaya skrat RISING jdg_
Dec 2021 GloryDays TonyH Kanaya jdg_
Nov 2021 sturner steveWYBG GloryDays Skeeves_Revenge
Oct 2021 bash jdg_ sturner Gladiat0r
Sep 2021 jdg_ steveWYBG LESTER chaffey

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