May: points winner mixalich  559     Year to May : points winner Mrfunnybunny  1750     Quantum Leap: May 2024  Winner: mixalich Runner Up: Gladiat0r   Galaxy: Apr 2024  Winner: TonyH Runner Up: mixalich Mar 2024  Consolation Winner: sturner Runner Up: bash   Matterhorn: Winner: LESTER   140   Runner Up: Gladiat0r   139   Third: stable   132   Fourth: jjjjone   129     Saturday Night Gammon: Apr 2024  Playoffs Winner: sturner Runner Up: Kanaya Third: jdg_   Drizzle's LOC: Playoffs Winner: Madman99x Runner Up: Skeeves_Revenge   Patriot Games: Winner: mixalich Runner Up: Seqkat Mar 2024  Consolation Winner: mixalich Runner Up: Mrfunnybunny   Warp 10: Jan 2024  Playoffs Winner: TonyH Runner Up: Gladiat0r Third: sturner   Esprit Teams: Apr 2023  Stage II Winner: The Jokers Runner Up: Fantastic Five Third: Pure Play Consolation Winner: Dice Infinity Runner Up:   Excalibur: Dec 2023  Winner: GloryDays Runner Up: skrat Nov 2021  1-Loss Winner: skrat Dec 2023  Runner Up: TonyH   Last Man Standing: April 2022  Winner: Risky Business Runner Up: The Jokers


The Quantum Leap is a stratified round robin monthly event. At the end of each month the top two players from each division are promoted to the next level and the bottom two players in each level will be demoted.

Players start at the lowest level. Players may preserve their position in the ladder by notifying the host if they will be absent for a period.

As there is no time available for playoffs of tied players, several levels of tie breaking are employed to break ties to determine promotions and demotions.

Play begins on the 1st of each month until the second last day of each month. Forfeits are determined based upon scheduling emails. Please report any no shows using the scheduling form so that everything is kept on record.

May 2024


Runner Up

Star performers for
Lords 7 Wins:   BRs_AnaClaudia, GennaLee
Peasants 9 Wins:   chamaivan

Latest Winners

Event Winner Runner Up
May 2024 mixalich Gladiat0r
Apr 2024 Gladiat0r mixalich
Mar 2024 Mrfunnybunny Kanaya
Feb 2024 Mrfunnybunny sturner
Jan 2024 mixalich Kanaya
Dec 2023 LESTER Gladiat0r
Nov 2023 Kanaya pencentric_exec
Oct 2023 Mrfunnybunny mixalich
Sep 2023 Mrfunnybunny Kanaya
Aug 2023 sturner EU_AT_Wolfman
Jul 2023 Gladiat0r EU_AT_Wolfman
Jun 2023 EU_AT_Wolfman Mrfunnybunny
May 2023 jjjjone pencentric_exec
Apr 2023 littlebeaver sturner
Mar 2023 Gladiat0r EU_AT_Wolfman
Feb 2023 Kanaya Mrfunnybunny
Jan 2023 pencentric_exec jjjjone
Dec 2022 sturner Gladiat0r
Nov 2022 LESTER littlebeaver
Oct 2022 Mrfunnybunny Gladiat0r
Sep 2022 Gladiat0r Fasttits
Aug 2022 pencentric_exec Gladiat0r
Jul 2022 littlebeaver Mrfunnybunny
Jun 2022 Gladiat0r sturner
May 2022 sturner PRO_Flace