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Review of Backgammon Playing Sites



The following is a review of just about all backgammon sites I can find.   Not all appear in the table as I didn't consider they were worth a lengthy review.  Any opinions and inaccuracies are mine so, PLEASE email me with any corrections.

The comments have been made from the view of a serious zone player who plays in events run by a number of groups.  The DC lobby has been a convenient common meeting ground to discuss issues and contact players in any of the events and I've looked at sites as to how well they are able to take over this function.   Features I've looked for are communal lobbies, friends lists, save log options, resume match options.  

Please don't flame me because you think I'm running down your favourite site.   Different sites serve different purposes. If you love your freerolls, money tourneys or money matches, then Gammon Empire, Gammon Masters, True Money Games, Play65 and Club Games offer plenty of automated tourneys.   If you're strictly a social player then Pogo or Yahoo may be ok for you. Also, if you can fill in any of the '?' please also email me. Some of the information was hard to verify.

Thanks,   cindybel


GammonSite Safe Harbor Games World Gaming Center GridGammon Net Gammon Renaissance games Game Account True Moneygames Piranha Gammon
Downloads: yes yes yes yes yes yes no yes yes
free signup yes + 30 day premium trial yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
premium membership $40/year no no $150/year $80/year $63/year no no no
name options underscore underscore underscore none underscore underscore underscore, hyphen underscore underscore
automated no no no yes no no yes yes no
hosted yes yes yes yes yes* yes no no no
money Gammon Venture room no no yes no no yes yes no
Playing Rooms
rooms one match, tourney, league match, tourney, league one one match, tourney, league one many one
friends list: yes yes yes yes yes yes no no yes
instant messaging yes chat window yes & pm yes yes yes & pm no no yes
offline messages: site email box no no site email box yes yes no no yes
chat single or group single or group no yes yes yes no no yes
Chat Lobbies
locations public*, private, game room, chat window room public, game, private public*, room*, private* public, game, private public, tourney none public, private, game
size full height, adj width adjustable   full height, adj width full height, adj width full width, adj height adjustable height   adjustable
Font options
font options font, style, size font, style, size font, style, size font, size fixed font, size fixed none font, size
smileys yes yes no no yes no no no no
size fixed fixed medium scaleable fixed scaleable medium scaleable scaleable
  colour yes yes yes yes yes* yes yes yes yes
  pips yes yes yes yes yes* yes yes yes yes
  numbering yes no no no yes* no yes no no
  tilt yes* yes no yes yes* no yes no no
  direction of play optional anti-clockwise anti-clockwise anti-clockwise optional anti-clockwise optional yes optional
  background yes no no yes yes* no no no no
Match Play 21 any length any length 3/any length* 21 any length max 25 max 17 11, unlimited
game variants: nack, hyper, long no hit       narde, nack, long,hyper,acey-ducey nack, hyper none none
end turn: click board/dice click board/dice click dice click on dice click board click board, button click on board or button click, dice click board
move options click click click or drag click click click click or drag click click or drag
doubling options: click cube/ button click cube click cube click cube click cube click cube click cube click cube click cube
play bots yes* no no yes* no yes no no single instance
kibbitzers optional optional optional optional* optional optional optional optional optional
game log automatic, .mat format autosave manual autosave autosave* autosave yes + gnu html automatic .tmg automatic, .mats
resume games up to 5, 10 day limit 7 days yes ? ? yes optional up to 5 minutes unlimited
unfinished games stored till completion rated resolved after 7 days ? ? saved optional snowie resolution stored till completion
money games Gammon Venture room no no no no no yes yes no
rated matches yes yes no yes* no yes* for cash games no yes
ratings history yes* no no ? ? no yes no yes

*  only available for paid members

Sites for serious players:
friends list, instant messenging, save logs, extended match resumption, long match lengths

GammonSite: Has many options that other sites don't have. Click on the 'Take a Tour' link to see some of the options available.
Pluses: customisable board (lighting, angle, checkers, background), play against bots of varying strengths (including in 2 tutor modes), email box for leaving messages for friends if not online, individual chat windows with each of your online friends(up to 20), built in web browser, hosted tourneys, groups can set up their own tourneys, set font for chat and smileys included, lots of sound and graphic preferences. Also has built-in multi-language chat and displays tourney times and other times in your local time. Money games and tourneys available through the Gammon Ventures page.
Minuses: 30 day trial membership but then must pay to join ($40/year) if you want to participate in public lobby chat, maintain a rating play tutor bots (ExtemeGammon bot always available though), or play matches longer than 3 pts. Earn free days by winning tourneys.

Safe Harbor Games Has a superior Friends utility and shows the status of players (online, DND, offline, busy). Friends appear at the top of the player list in the room. Has resumed matches autosave logs. An excellent 3-D board with options for colors. Has rated matches and tourneys. You can play and kibbitz any number of matches.
Some doubt as to the validity of the dice program. There are now 2 versions in different rooms.

Renaissance Games New site as of December 2006. Now has resumed matches and speed is very good with no perceptible lag. Also has friends list, online popup messaging, offline messaging, choice of board colours. This site has plenty to recommend it.

World Gaming Center Designed as a Zone format site and has become the default site for many ex-zoners. Has resumed matches and you can send private messages but only in the lobby. Much improved since it came online but can suffer lag problems and occasional frozen matches. Excellent contact help if you are having connection problems.

Piranha Gammon
Pluses: Developing site but one to consider. Has online messaging and friends list and saved games. Has the best board I've seen.
Minuses: No text or emoticon options and the messaging sends a new window each time you send a line.

Pluses: Heaps of board, font, and sound options, offline and online friends messages, bots to play against. Many top players play there.
Minuses Premier membership $150 a year.

Vinco Online Games:
Pluses:Friends list, heaps of different versions of backgammon to play, regular tourneys, bots to play, graphic tables similar to Zone.
Minuses: Premium subscription required for ratings, cash tourneys, bot play and saved games.

Pluses: Similar interface to Games Grid but match lengths are not restricted for non-paying members. Also has a button that gives you win/lose estimates during play.
Minuses: You need to be a paid member to be able to save the game log.

Club oriented

Club Games:
Pluses: Has the unique facility to display the GNU html output for any played match. Clubs have their own lobbies and can organise their own tourneys. You must join a club on Club Games to participate in their forum. Money tournaments and games available.
Minuses: No friends list or instant messaging system. Slow to load. Font's are fixed and small.

Game Desire:
Pluses: Has Forum page, club pages that can be created for your club and a page to advertise tournaments. 2 available boards sizes which have good graphics.
Minuses: Confusing menu system where you need to scroll through the menu to get information such as the number of points in the game and settings. Dice moves are by right click to move a chequer the full extent of the dice rolls, or drag and drop to move single moves. There is no click to confirm end of turn. Option to double times out after 10 seconds. Display of available games in the room does not list the length of the match or timing options.

Primarily money servers

Gammon Empire:  Play65:   backgammon-mania: 
Pluses: Has free Backgammon School lobby where you can play with a bot tutor.
Minuses: No friends list, instant messenging or chat lobbies. Board is fixed as is font.

True Money Games:
Pluses: Similar interface to Gammon Empire, but no school. Primarily for money games and tourneys.
Minuses: No friends list, instant messenging or chat lobbies. If game times out the result is settled by Snowie.

Pluses:Primarily a money site, lots of freerolls, nice board graphics.
Minuses: No lobbies, friends list, disconnects are resolved in 90 secs in favour of your opponent.

Lovebackgammon: Money Gaming: Hard to find out anything about it. Only ever saw one person there. Similar sort of interface to Club Games.

Social sites

OnLine Bandit: Lively site, friendly sysops. Match lengths limited to odd numbers up to 11. No game logs, resumed games or friends list. Instant messaging available. Clubs can set up their own tourneys and rooms.

Iwin/Flipside Virtually no options, basic platform and the same checker moves as for Yahoo.

Pogo: Multi game site for social players only. Virtually not options.

Game Account: Can play money games. Has friends list but not too many other options.

Game Colony: Not too many options. Has ratings but no friends list.

Dolphin Cove Games: Couldn't find anyone there. Nice interface but otherwise no information.

Developmental Sites

WePlayGames A brand new site, not quite ready to open but apparently set to launch on June 1st. You can sign up though. They will be offering special lobbies and personalised web pages for groups,

GamingPeak Another developmental site. You can sign up and reserve your name. There is a preview of what lobbies and rooms might look like (great graphics) but not a lot of other information yet although you can put yourself on the mailing list for future developments.


Fair Backgammon: A group with some interesting ideas about making backgammon less reliant on luck. Non-standard rules. including no Crawford rule.

Anti-social sites

Microsoft Games Zone (New)
Pluses: Can play against a brainless bot totally free of charge. Good for ego boosting. No more embarrassing kibbitzers watching every idiot move you make. Saves on mouse clicks as move ends automatically. Saves valuable time in the real world as you can only play a 3-pt match.
Minuses: Sorry, nothing sprang to mind. Too busy practising my drag and drop anyway.

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