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March, 2018

Lords1 Division


Each player must play one 11 point match against each of his opponents

All matches must be completed by the second last day of the month.

15 division matches out of 21 total matches have been played.
(75 % of the total matches.)

PLEASE NOTE: forfeit wins will count for 0.6 of a win for the purpose of deciding division winners and promotions. A played loss will be awarded 0.3.

Your match result is recorded automatically and will appear on this page after refreshing it.


Date Due: 30  March

Players Autisticius Burnieboy LAT_pipo1 oBd_84 PRO_Steve PRO_swil sturner
Autisticius Burnieboy PRO_swil sturner
Burnieboy Burnieboy LAT_pipo1 oBd_84 PRO_Steve PRO_swil sturner
LAT_pipo1 LAT_pipo1 PRO_Steve LAT_pipo1 sturner
oBd_84 oBd_84 oBd_84
PRO_Steve PRO_Steve PRO_Steve PRO_Steve sturner
PRO_swil PRO_swil PRO_swil LAT_pipo1 oBd_84 PRO_Steve PRO_swil
sturner sturner sturner sturner sturner PRO_swil
6 total matches 0 Wins
3 Losses
Score 0.9
1 Wins
5 Losses
Score 2.5
2 Wins
2 Losses
Score 2.6
2 Wins
0 Losses
Score 2
3 Wins
1 Losses
Score 3.3
3 Wins
3 Losses
Score 3.9
4 Wins
1 Losses
Score 4.3

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