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July, 2018

Peasants3 Division


Each player must play one 9 point match against each of his opponents

All matches must be completed by the second last day of the month.

9 division matches out of 15 total matches have been played.
(64 % of the total matches.)

PLEASE NOTE: forfeit wins will count for 0.6 of a win for the purpose of deciding division winners and promotions. A played loss will be awarded 0.3.

Your match result is recorded automatically and will appear on this page after refreshing it.


Date Due: 30  July

Players BikerChick Keytagal leibo52 PRO_Steve Retsguod_ topgun_mav
BikerChick Keytagal leibo52 Retsguod_ topgun_mav
Keytagal Keytagal leibo52 Retsguod_
leibo52 leibo52 leibo52 leibo52 leibo52
PRO_Steve Retsguod_
Retsguod_ Retsguod_ Retsguod_ leibo52 Retsguod_
topgun_mav topgun_mav leibo52
5 total matches 0 Wins
4 Losses
Score 1.2
1 Wins
2 Losses
Score 1.6
4 Wins
0 Losses
Score 4
0 Wins
1 Losses
Score 0.3
3 Wins
1 Losses
Score 3.3
1 Wins
1 Losses
Score 1.3

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